Angie’s BBQ Extravaganza

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I had no idea that Angie Martinez’s (Hot 97 NY Radio Personality/TV Show host) BBQ last night in Queens, NY was going to turn out the way it did.  I was ecstatic to see my girl Mary J. Blige there and she told me she has an album coming out. Usher made an appearance, but the one thing that made my night was a performance from Nasty NAS!

I had drank enough of the grey goose iced tea (extra grey goose please.. lol), i had stuffed my face with corn, mac & cheese and fried chicken and i was ready to go.  As i started  to walk out i hear Angie say she has “someone from Queens here” and i automatically knew it was NAS.  He was in town for Rock The Bells so it had to be Nas.  He performed Made You Look, If I Ruled The World and Oochie Wally.  And as my excitement levels were already on a trillion.. he brings out Mary J. Blige.  DONE! @MinaSayWhat


Here’s Nas Performing “If I Ruled The World”


Nas brings out Mary J. Blige and she performs “Love Is All We Need”


Nas x Jungle performing Oochie Wally.. Shout out to the DJ that didn’t have the correct version of the song so they had to stop the song and restart it so Jungle could do his part lol



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