Frank Ocean Live in NYC

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Frank Ocean x NYC x Thinking About You

Frank Ocean performed at the Bowery in NYC on Nov. 27th after canceling his first NYC show because he was sick. Frank has an amazing voice, but we knew that already! He sounds great live. Aside from playing clips from classic movies like Coming To America and The Never Ending Story and displaying weird images like the ring in the background, Frank really didn’t do much during his performance. He stood in the same spot for most of the night, shook a few fans hands while he was performing and played guitar hero (which was the highlight in my opinion)!  I will say he is a very classy guy and was wearing a tux. I think as he continues to improve his show he will find ways to better engage the audience.  I did enjoy the show because his music is very captivating! He did the songs we know and new songs from his upcoming project.  Overall, I really enjoyed the show! Check video and pics by clicking below. @MinaSayWhat

Frank Ocean x NYC x Swim Good

Frank Ocean x NYC x Songs For Women



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