New Vid: Busta Rhymes/Chris Brown – Why Stop Now

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This was released on Google Music today. You can always count on Busta Rhymes to produce a creative video and Hype Williams to direct a real masterpiece. Complete with synchronized camera bounces, flies, building lifts, transformations, big booties and all! Breezy does some pretty dope breaking moves in the video, subtle, but dope. I saw some bone-crushing moves, a very hard to do back flip tuck and some very sharp ticking. Chris is very athletic. Def looks like he’s been hanging out with some break dancers and working on mastering some hard to do moves. And do ya’ll see that six pack? m m good! A Busta video is rarely dull and always entertaining. Shouts to the homie Sak Pase for producing this dope ass beat. Watch the video by clicking below. @MinaSayWhat




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