SayWhat! Kid Slaps His MOM On TV! Oh Hell No!

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[youtube][/youtube] This kid straight slaps his mother! This is one reason why some kids need their ass whooped! Some kids are straight disrespectful! Where is this kids father and why have his anger issues gotten this far? My mom works for DYFS (Division Of Family Services) and deals with bad parents (or people accused of being bad parents) and i understand why the state tries to protect the safety of every kid by not condoning physical violence and watching over the children that are affecting by bad parenting, BUT this kid is just out of control.

If i was that kids mother i would have beat the shit out of him! And then i probably would have got locked up (LOL), but this kid clearly needs some discipline. What does a parent do in this situation? When your kid is out of control and talking to him and punishing him doesn’t work – What do you do? Just take it as this mom did? Call Dr. Phil as this mom did? Whoop his ass? And if you whoop your kids ass then he could call the cops on you and lock you up! They would take your kids away from you for disciplining them! It’s crazy! This is why some of the kids are out on control these days. @MinaSayWhat



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