New Vid: Bei Maejor – The Truth

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Bei Maejor is The Truth. This video and song is a story about a guy (played by Bei Maejor) that has a best friend and he’s creeping with his best friend’s girl.  In the song, Bei sings his thoughts and what he would hypothtically say to his best friend.  Bei sings “She wanna have my babies she think im the one. The boy that you think is yours may not be your son.” What’s even sicker is the fact that the video looks like a home made video of the girl and her man playing in the playground and Bei is filming it!  Check my interview with him HERE and expect his debut album this year. Watch the video and read the lyrics by clicking below. @MinaSayWhat[youtube][/youtube]

Bei Maejor – The Truth lyrics

the truth is that your girl really loves me
now she scratching all on my back when she hugs me
i would let you know but it would get ugly
jealousy wearing in your eyes when she touch me
tells me secrets, need to keep them
calls when you leaving, asking me to creep in
you would not believe it
i really dont either, she knows that were brothers
why she wanna come between us
whoa, i think you should know, the truth

the truth is that i wish it never happened
wish that i could rewind, wish that i could take it back and
red lipstick places you cannot imagine
cellphone buzzing on the dresser she aint answer
i know it was a mistake, we just couldnt think straight
i left the club mad late, pulled in the valley
she was at the bar, sipping with her home girls
the way she waved at me, i forgot that it was your girl
whoa, i think you should know, the truth

the truth is that i dont know how to say this
the truth is that i know that this is gonna sound crazy
kept it from you so long now i cant take it
so i understand as a man if you hate me
you see we got a problem, yeah a little problem
see when i hooked with your girl we never bothered
to reach for protection, we made an exception
so we made love no glove in the
so the morning after, right the morning after
before she took the first pill, told me how she really feel
she wanna have my babies, she think im the one
that boy that you think its yours may not be your son
whoa, i think you should know, im sorry, the truth.



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