News: Common (‘s Fine Ass) Dismisses Beef With Drake (‘s Fine Ass)

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I don’t know a woman who doesn’t think Common isn’t fine and, it’s true, I think Drake looked extremely fly at this years Grammy’s. So in the battle of the fineness I don’t know who wins, when but it comes to bars (rapping) Common is clearly victorious. Common took some very direct shots at Drake when Drake started subliminally talking crazy about Common. Drake had no response, naturally. Why would he? The veteran rapper, Common, verbally annihilation him in his Stay Schemin remix. So like a true Boss Common ends the verbal altercation saying, “It was all in the art of hip hop.” So we get it. It’s about competition and Common can now beat his cheat and roar- victory! Ugh! So sexy! Watch the video where Common talks about this and Whitney Houston’s passing by clicking below. @MinaSayWhat  [youtube][/youtube]

BTW i thought what Fuse (the channel is aired on) did for the Grammy’s was very interesting.  Instead of putting together a very polished pre-Grammy show, like the E! network and some of it’s counterparts, they decided to really take their viewers behind the scenes and show us what’s happens between the interviews. The camera was just rolling, airing everything, even when the host wasn’t doing any interviews. I witnessed everything from the producers handing him information, to why a member of OK Go got pissed off and left during the interview and finally how Rihanna just walked through the red carpet and ignored everyone trying to get an interview.



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