New Vid: Chris Brown – How I Feel

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The song was produced by Drummer Boy and the entire video was shot on his private plane. This is part of his Fortune webisodes and he really expresses everything that he feels in 2 minutes and 30 second that this video goes on for. Chris talks about his childhood, his momma living good, and her getting beaten by his father. He talks about making money and not doing interviews because “they low blowin under (his) belt.” He touches on the mistake in beating Rihanna and the fact that people still hold it over his head.  To Rihanna he says “you might find another lover, but you always started with Breezy like the letter B” (Barbados).  He expresses ideas of really doubting his character because of what other people say when he says “nightmares, feeling haunted, thinkin do i really like to start shit?” and Breezy exposes the fickle personalities of the people that want to make money off him. Breezy makes it clear that he’s a better man and he’s learning from his mistakes. Check the video by clicking below.




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