New Vid: Killer Mike/Young Jeezy – Go Out On The Town

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THIS WAS MY SHIT (a couple months ago)! Young Jeezy is in the video and I’m wondering what took so long to put this out since it’s part of an album Killer Mike put out last year.  In fact, he’s already on to the next and working on an EP that is due in May. This song may not correctly portray what Killer Mike is about because it’s his radio hit (and we all know you can’t hear deep thought provoking music on the radio), but i like Mike because he’s politically aware.  When i had a conversation with the homie Emilio Rojas, he said that he hates to be called political rapper because it puts you in a box as an artist.  Taking that into consideration, i will not call Killer Mike a political rapper (clearly judging from this song he is not), but i will say that he is conscience about what goes on in the world and occasionally raps about it. I respect him for that.  I feel we need more of this from the artists that are really driving hip hop right now. Check the video by clicking below for more. @MinaSayWhat[youtube][/youtube]



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