News: Diggy Simmons Debuts His “Unexpected Arrival” Album + Track-Listing

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Last night (3/6) i attended a private screening in NYC of Diggy’s debut album “Unexpected Arrival.”  What i heard was very unexpected indeed. I had prepared myself for a teeny, poppy Copy, Paste / Like You esk album.  I have been to Diggy’s shows, i know who his audience is – young, screaming girls.  I was pleasantly surprised that his album is far from that and mirrored a young Kanye West’s The College Dropout” album.  Surprisingly, Copy, Paste did not make the album. On the tracks, he raps like a grown man, but is, of course, talking about young man things.  The mood of the album is very classic and retro and when i asked his team who they are targeting with this album i was told young men 16-21.  The main themes on the album are ideas of stardom, greatness and success. It comes across that he feels he has something to prove, maybe he feels people doubt him.  One thing is for sure he is very confident in himself. Read more of my thoughts and the check the album track-listing by clicking below for more. @MinaSayWhat

My personal thoughts are that I think Diggy is going to have a great career. He answered audience feedback like a pro. Very professional and mature. Diggy is not the 16 year old boy the world thinks he is. His music is far mature than i think people are expecting.   He, however, guarantees his “jetsetters” (which is what Dig calls his fans) will love his album because it’s real and honest.  My favorite track was “4 Letter Word” in which Diggy raps and SINGS about the pure love he feels for a special lady.  I am told that song will be released before his album drops on 3/20. I also liked “Glow In The Dark.” I think Diggy’s audience is going to be surprised and I hope his team has a solid marketing plan attached to this so that his young female fans are not disappointed. Check my interview with Diggy HERE.

Diggy Simmons “Unexpected Arrival” Track-Listing

1. The Arrival
2. Hello World
3. I Need To Know
4. 88 ft. Jadakiss
5. Two Up
6. Unforgiveable Blackness
7. Special Occasion ft. Tank
8. Glow in the dark
9. 4 letter word
10. Like You ft. Jeremih
11. Tom Edison
12. The Reign



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  1. Congrets on your new album but I am just worried I don’t see YMCMB member featured

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