News: Tyler The Creator Gets Choked

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Odd Future’s head leader Tyler the Creator found himself in an odd position after he jumped on stage during Gucci Mane‘s performance at G-Shock & The Hundreds launch party. Recent footage shows Gucci’s security, who reportedly thought Tyler was just a crazed fan,  lunging at Tyler grabbing him by the throat and forcing him off the stage.  Eventually Tyler made his way back on to the stage and members of Gucci’s camp allowed him to keep dancing. Despite being choked, Tyler manages to stay true to his jokester reputation as he seems to be laughing the entire time.  To watch the entire video click below. (If you’re more interested in watching  Tyler get choked just fast forward to 3:20)- @Dee_Larue

[youtube width=”420″ height=”300″][/youtube]



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