Good & Bad Mother’s Day Gifts

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Mother’s Day is Sunday. If you’ve been procrastinating, make sure you get on your butt and get your momma something.  Below are good gifts. Check the BAD gifts by clicking below for more.


Good Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Spa Packages
2. Paying for her to get her hair/nails done
3. Jewelry
4. Flowers
5. Gift Basket
6. Sweet Treats
7. Perfume
Bad Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Anything she can use to cook and clean (apron, vacuum, dish gloves, pots and pans, etc)
2. Anything implying she’s fat (Videos, pills, drink mixes)
3. Fake flowers
4. Home Decor (Mom’s have their own taste; she might not like it)
5. Dollar Store Gifts
6. Another mouth to feed/care for (A dog, cat, a child)



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