#SayWhat News – Twitter Is Spying / Facebook BMFin / NJ legalizing Mary Jane?

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– Twitter is spying on you! They announced yesterday that in order to improve the “who to follow” feature they will be monitoring you every-time you go on a site with a twitter button and widget (which is like EVERY site).  They will be monitoring the stories and topics you visit the most and they are not promising to delete the information.  Directions on how to opt out are HERE.

Read about facebook and New Jeru by clicking below for more!– Facebook is getting ready to blow money fast since it’s selling stock to the public today and they are saying it could create “1,000 overnight millionaires.”  This may or may not be true since no data is currently available on how many shares employees have. The regular person may not even have the chance to buy since the Wall Street investors have things on lock and have already bought some yesterday! “Orders for Facebook shares outweigh the supply by a ratio of more than 20 to 1,” according to traders’ estimates.

– New Jersey will consider a bill to decriminalize that good old Mary Jane.  On Monday an assembly panel will hear a bill that would make possession of small amounts of marijuana (half an ounce or less) the equivalent to a parking violation.  The penalty would be fines instead of jail time



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