#SayWhat News: A Flaming Girl – A Human Nut Cracker

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A Flaming Girl – An 11-year old, Vietnamese girl reportedly has a mental power and is able to burst objects into flames with her mind. The 11-year old has recently been receiving a lot of attention from Vietnamese media. The girl’s father claims to have noticed something significant about his daughter a month ago when their home’s electrical network had been suffering short circuits. Electricians tried to fix the problem but could not find the main source behind the constant short circuits. The girl’s mattress, fans and other personal objects have burst into flames. According to doctors, after numerous brain scans they found an unusual line on the right side of the girl’s brain. This is shocking news for not only Vietnma, but the entire world.

A Human Nut Cracker – North Carolina politce reported a woman has been charged with malicious castration after squeezing the testicles out of a man’s scrotum. Joyce Maxine Gregory, who is 35, attacked a 59 year old during an argument Saturday morning in his apartment located in Shelby. Gregory attached the man and squeezed his testicle out of the scrotum before he was able to call 911.

Check a story about a live fish living in a boy’s lung by clicking below for more.Live Fish Living in Boy’s Lung – 12 Year Old Anil Barela swallowed a 3.5 inch long, scaly fish that ended up getting caught in his lung. In his home state of Madya Pradesh, India, Barela chose to swallow the fish as a prank, but instead of the fish going to his stomach, it ended up getting caught in his lung.



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