#SayWhat News: Deer Urine Prank – Too Fat For Jail? – More Cannabalism

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– In Tennessee, investigators are searching for the child that poured deer urine into the AC at a high school and made 12 kids sick.

– A court in Sicily has ruled that a mob man that has spent 6 months in four Italian jails will be be confined to house arrest because he can’t fit his 462 pound self comfortably into the jails.

– People are still talking about the guy that bit a homeless mans’ face off HIGH on LSD. It’s not like he nibbled on the man. He straight ate the skin off his face. Talk about cannabalism!

– In other cannabalism news, a 21 year old student at Morgan State University ate his room-mates brain and heart. The student has a previous assault charge for beating someone with a bat.

Check the video about the man who had his face chewed off by clicking below for more.



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