#SayWhat News: Massachusetts Swear Fine – Bank Robbery Gone Wrong – Guy Goes Under During Baptism

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– I been following this story where the naked man high off bath salts ate a homeless man’s face off.  Now i found out that the homeless man is temporary blind from the attack, but recovering well after suffering extensive injuries on his face.  Poor guy he was just minding his business and being homeless and now his life has changed cuz of this guy high off that Molly..

– Over in Massachusetts (shouts to listener Bob who mentioned this earlier and all the listeners on that iheartradio app) they are planning on issuing a $20 fine to people who swear in public. In addition to the swearing fine, people will also be fined for shoveling snow into the streets and smoking marijuana in public.  I am so done.

– An alleged bank robber ran out of gas during his get away. A bank robber in New Jersey was arrested after his getaway car ran out of gas and he had to wait for a taxi cab. Apparently this guy robbed the Susquehanna Bank and tried to run but police caught him and arrested him, charging him with armed robbery. Turns out dude didn’t even have a weapon… he had a garden hose nozzle.  Sweet Baby Jesus..

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