#SayWhat News: Mom Cashin Out On Her Baby – Old Balls Exposing Themselves – Women Travels With Dead Body

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Mom Accused Of Trying To  Cash Out By Selling Baby In Classified Ads – A Texas woman tried to sell her 4-month-old baby to a woman in Florida in an online ad for 4,000. The woman who was going to buy the baby got cold feet and called the police. The online ad allegedly read, “I can no longer care for him the way he needs to be,” the ad read. “We are living in a women’s shelter now. I’m working with an adoption agency so there is an adoption fee they have set up. I believe its $6,500. Thank you and god bless.”

12 Arrested For Having Sex, Masturbating And Exposing Themselves At A Park – Police say they received a complaint about a group of men engaging in sexual acts near the wooded area at a park in Utica, NY. The men, allegedly, would meet each other for the purposes of engaging in sexual acts on themselves and each other. More disturbing is that fact that the men ages range from 47 to 79. Winkly balls, ewww

Woman Travels With Her Dead Brother In Her Suitcase – Two Italian women carrying the remains of a man who died in Brazil 11 years ago were stopped when German airport security spotted the skull and bones in the x-ray machine. One woman said it was her brother and it was his wish to be buried in Italy. Officials then verified her death certificate and let the women go on their way because no German laws were being violated. SMH!

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