#SayWhat News: Heads Are Growing – Next President To Face High Unemployment – Guy Pokes Pregnant Woman With His Sword

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Heads Are Growing – Forensic anthropologists at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville found that white Americans’ heads are getting bigger in size. The researchers studied about 1,500 skulls from the mid-1800s through the 1980s. They noticed that the skulls got larger, taller, and narrower. As a result, faces have become longer. They say shape change has been more dramatic than size change. Overall, skull height has grown 6.8 percent since the late 1800s. That’s a bigger percentage than the growth of body height, which has increased 5.6 percent.

Next President To Face High Unemployment – Economists in the latest Associated Press Economy Survey expect the national unemployment rate to stay above 6 percent for at least four more years.  Economists consider a “normal” unemployment level to be between 5 percent and 6 percent.  “The election isn’t going to be a miracle cure for the unemployment rate,” says Sean Snaith, an economics professor at the University of Central Florida. He thinks unemployment, which is 8.2 percent now, won’t drop back to 6 percent until after 2016.

Crazy Guy Pokes Pregnant Woman With His Sword – Florida man poked a pregnant woman with his sword and threatened to kill her.  Another woman stepped in the break it and the guy smeared a peanut butter sandwich on the third woman



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