#SayWhat News: Janitor Fire For Toe-Sucking Fetish – A New Penis Snake – Guy Arrested For Calling 911 – Gabby Bites Back

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Janitor Fired For Toe Sucking Demand – A janitor at a community college in Queens has been fired after he harassed a high school student.  The victim said he approached her before asking for a lunch date and she denied him.  3 months later he approached her with the toe-sucking proposition for $100 and she refused. Then he said he would pay whatever.  When she refused that the guy allegedly offered to take the student to an ATM, where he would withdraw even more cash. She said no again, and the janitor turned violent, grabbing the girl by the wrist and leading her to a place “where no one would see them.” Smh.. the thirst

A Penis Snake Has Been Discovered In The Amazon – The unusual species gained its nickname because of its appearance — a broad, rounded head, atop a thick, cylindrical fleshy body. Turns out this Penis looking snake, isn’t a snake at all but an extremely rare, limbless amphibian.” They were discovered in Brazil near a dam and six were discovered at the time.  They let 3 go, 1 died and 2 were kept for studying.

Guy Arrested For Calling 911 – A 67-year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly called emergency dispatchers at least nine times. Most of the calls were hang-ups, but a dispatcher said at least once, the caller asked if someone could send him a ride so he could buy beer.

Gabby Bites Back – People talking about Gabby the Gymnast’s hair. Like Common! Gabby responded to the haters saying, “Where’s this coming from? Are you kidding me? What’s this about my hair? I gel it up, put some clips in it and put it in a bun. People shouldn’t be worried about that.”

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