News: Snoop Dogg Talks About His Reincarnation As Snoop Lion & His New Album

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Snoop Dogg recently made headlines everywhere when he reviled that he has been reborn, will continue his musical career as a reggae artist, and will be known from now as Snoop Lion. The jammed packed announcement was made in New York at Miss Lily’s restaurant on July 30th in front of family, friends, the media, and his collaboration partner, electronic producer Diplo aka Major Lazer. In addition to introducing himself to the world as Snoop Lion, the 40-year-old former rapper told the crowd that he would be releasing an all reggae album. Snoop told reporters that he was “tired of rap and wanted to try something different”. His want for something new caused him to travel to Jamaica, become emeresed in the Rastafarian culture, and become reborn. With his reincarnation, which happens to be the title of his latest album, Snoop says he ready to release music that is family friendly and even said that he’d like to be a judge on American Idol. “Reincarnation” will be released this fall and hear its lead single La, La, La by clicking below for more.



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