News Meek Mill Names His Five Favorite Rappers and Talks About The Rap Game

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MMG rapper Meek Mill recently revealed a lot regarding  his music and his top five favorite rappers.  He said his top 5 rappers are

“In no particular order, Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, and Lil Wayne.”

When it came to his thoughts on rapping now Meek Milly said,

“A lot of people been shying away from the real rapping and hip-hop. I’m really representing. When I come out with my album, I want to have a classic album, an Illmatic, a Hard Knock Life Jay-Z, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ type, a hip-hop album.”

Of course Meek is a real rapper and real recognize real, so naturally he named his favorite rapper to be

“Nas is one of the best rappers ever. Just having him in the studio, that’s a big thing to me. I grew up listening to this guy. I came and I played the beat for him and he liked my music, so we just vibed out. If I have a song that sounds like it fits Nicki the best or it fits T.I. the best, that’s the people I would sort of lean towards getting on them songs. But it depends on how the songs fit the person.”



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