News: Miguel Debuts His Sophomore Album “Kaleidoscope Dream”

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A real artist, musician and person.  I am ecstatic this man’s sophomore album, Kaleidoscope Dream, is releasing this way.  With all the hype he deserves. I meet Miguel when few people knew who he was. He was a writer and amazing talent about to release his debut album, before All I Want Is You was played on every radio station.  The masses did not know. I knew from the second i asked him to sing on the spot. I got no excuses. No “my throat hurts” or “i’m sick.” He belted “Sure Thing” (a song he had stashed still, unreleased).  I think i was the first to play Sure Thing on the radio on SiriusXM The Heat. I knew from Day 1 i would support Miguel’s talent any way i could. I told him, you have something special. Grind it out.

His first album released, still un-noticed, at first. I think it sold 11,000 in his first week (don’t quote me). The album was amazing! I thought… what a talent. It would be a waste for him to go un-noticed.  I played the records. Then All I Want Is You started to be played everywhere, followed by Sure Thing and the rest is history.  I was the first to play “Adorn” on the radio. When it was just a mixtape track, before anyone was checking for it. Now it’s #1 on the charts for the third week in a row.  Many records, tours and interviews later, here Miguel is. Getting the attention he always deserved.  They always say, no one cares until everyone cares. No one person can take credit for a talent so big. Everyone has done their small part.  I’m proud to say i did something small to help.  The second album “Kaleidoscope Dream” is coming on October 2nd. Please support it. BUY IT.  October 2nd. They say R&B is dead. I have said it. I’ve been disappointed. Not by Miguel. He does not sell sex.  He needs not take off his shirt or announce a shocking secret. He sells love, romance and real life.  Listen to the album stream HERE.



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