News: Low Album Sale Projections For Neyo

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Neyo’s fifth album, that was released on Election Day, has received low album sale projections for its first week. The album is titled R.E.D- which stands for ‘Realizing Every Dream’ and definitely has a dance and R&B vibe. Original estimates projected that Neyo would push between 50 and 55K in its first week. But as of yesterday those estimates increased to about 60K putting him at the #3 spot on the Billboard 200. Neyo’s last album, Libra Scale, which received mixed reviews from critics sold 117K in its first week. Red, with popular singles ‘Lazy Love’ and ‘Let Me Love You’ is receiving good reviews but those aren’t turning over into album sales. Its possible that the election day frenzy may have diverted people’s attention but we’ll see the official numbers next week.



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