Mixtape: Young Jeezy – Its Tha World

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Young_Jeezy_Its_Tha_World-front-largeThis guy Jeezy is a smart man. People are talking about him right now. Ross said he wanted to choke Jeezy at the BET Hip Hop Awards and Freddie Gibbs left Jeezy’s label, CTE, just before Jizzle signed it to Atlantic under the “CTE World” imprint. So what does he do? He puts out a mixtape titled “Its Tha World” with an intro calling himself “El Jefe” (the Boss in Spanish). Listen to the bars. From the jump you can tell he’s coming at someone, possibly a couple people. It don’t stop at the first song either.  I doubt this will get physical tho.  Jeezy is a Senior VP at Atlantic, I don’t see him really physically reacting to what’s going on or trying to choke anyone back. Best believe he’ll put it in the music tho, as Ross did as well.  But let’s be real, Jeezy got a desk job to worry about. He’s a VP now; a “Jefe.” He wouldn’t jeopardize that.  Shouts to Drama and Jahlil Beats on this!   Check the video to the intro by clicking below for more.



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