Lupe Fiasco Bashes Obama At Inaugural Concert & Gets Kicked Out

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It is common knowledge that Lupe Fiasco has some harsh thoughts when it comes to President Obama. The second to last time i spoke to him he told me that “Obama Kills Children.” Last night (1/21) during an Obama Inauguration party in Washington D.C., he proceeded to reciting some anti-Obama lyrics. During his performance of ‘Words I Never Said’ Lupe spit,

“Limbaugh is a racist / Glenn Beck is a racist / Gaza Strip was getting bombed/ Obama didn’t say s— / That’s why I ain’t vote for him / next one, either / I’m part of the problem / my problem is I’m peaceful”

His mic was shut off and he was kicked off stage. Honestly i don’t know why anyone would hire Lupe (out of all people) to perform at an Obama inauguration event, especially given his track record when it comes to speaking on Obama. He has always been very open about his thoughts on Obama and always has the proof to back up what he says.  Someone didn’t do their research on him. Watch what happened by clicking below for more.



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