News: Justin Timberlake And Jay Z Going On Tour

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Justin Timberlake, Jay Z

It’s official Hov and JT will be going on tour together! Ok not so fast! Following up their Grammy performance of their new song ‘Suit & Tie,’ rumors are circulating that the pair will go on a 10 date stadium tour. In an interview Justin said,

“We’re definitely going to go on tour. I don’t know how much I should say… It’s going to be a lot of fun, I know that.”

He recently bought out producer Timbaland during a performance, but that’s not who the rumors are saying is going on tour with JT. Sources say the JZ and JT are plotting on going on tour and the artists will both play separate sets with their hits, before performing duets. This sounds very Jay-Z. Remember his collabs with Coldplay and R. Kelly? It makes sense as well because Beyonce is going on tour. But what Blue Ivy? Who’s gonna take care of her? lol Check their Grammy performance by clicking below for more.



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