Video: Lil Wayne Says He’s The New Pac & Says He Slept With An NBA Players Wife

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All Star weekend down in Houston was definitely eventful this passed weekend. Lil Wayne is pissed the Miami Heat threw him out of a game! During a performance Wayne said f the NBA, f miami heat, f Lebron and then said he slept with Chris Bosh wife.  He continued to say “I ain’t tupac I’m the new pac.”.. Oh oh!

In other related news,  a recent study says fans of Lil Wayne are  more likely to score the lowest on their SATS. Read more about that HERE. Also, The NBA is denying they ever banned Wayne from a game and say they didn’t kick him out of the Miami game. They say he left willingly.



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  1. Who the fuck does he think he is? He will never be able to even lick the dirt off of 2pac’s shoes. New Pac my ass, he needs to get rid of the leggings, bright green boots, and idiotic music first

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