New Sweet Brown – Snoops Says No Guns – Too Short Runs From Cops – 70 Year Old Prostitutes Retire – Mom Tells 7 Year Old To Pepper Spray

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Mom Told 7 Year Old Girl To Pepper Spray Workers – A Philadelphia woman and her 7 year old daughter were at a Family Dollar where the mother had been banned previously for stealing when chaos broke out. Police tried to escort her out of the store when she started to fight and was tackled by officers. She then tossed her daughter a bottle of pepper spray saying, “You know what to do baby. Spray it!” Fortunately the little girl didn’t do it. The mother is being charged with simple assault.

70 Year Old Twin Prostitutes Retiring – Amsterdam’s oldest prostitutes Louise and Martine Fokkens- who are 70 year old twins- are hanging up their panties. After 50 years and 355,000 men in their book they have decided to retire. The site arthritis and difficulty attracting clients as the reason for their retirement. One twin was still seeing a regular who she couldn’t give up- “He’s been coming to me for so long like its like going to church on Sunday.” You can read about their lives in their book ‘The Ladies of Amsterdam’.

Teen Locks Elderly Woman In Trunk – Delaware State police have charged 5 teenagers for the carjacking and kidnapping of an 89 year old woman. The woman was locked in the trunk of her car for two days before she was dumped and found wandering around a cemetery. She was treated at a local hospital and later released. The girl kidnappers, aged 14 and 15, are being charged with robbery, carjacking, kidnapping and conspiracy. The boy kidnappers, aged 17, are being charged with kidnapping, conspiracy and receiving stolen property. The altercation started when the teens asked the older woman to give them a ride. She agreed and thats when they attacked her, forced her into the trunk of the car and then drove off with more than $500 in cash.

NYC Drug Gang Charged After Bragging About Crimes On Social Media – Social media has gotten gang members in New York in trouble! They allegedly were selling crack cocaine and weed in Sour Power candy wrappers and then bragged about them on social media. The individuals known as ‘The Fetti Boy’s ranged in age from 18-48 and were charged with criminal sale of weed, criminal possession of weapons and conspiracy.

The New Sweet Brown – Sweet Brown may have competition in the ‘ratchet new report’ interviewee category! Michelle Clark of Brookshire, TX was being questioned about a hail storm that caused some damage to the town. She described the ‘jokers’ as ‘KAPOOYA! KAPOOYA!’ before she ran to her restroom to call her mama!

Snoop Is Rapping Against Guns – Snoop Lion is embracing his new rastafarian lifestyle spreading messages of peace and love.  The song says, “No more gunplay, when the bodies hit the ground, there’s nothing left to say.” He told MTV that he wants to take a stand against all of the unnecessary gun violence going on today. He said, “What I wanted to do was put together some music to try to put a different light on it, to try to stop people from doing that and try to bring some awareness to all this unnecessary violence with these guns”

Too Short Runs From Popo

Pa. House OKs Liquor Privatization Bill – After a 7 hour debate and  a 105-90 vote, the PA House of Representatives passed a bill that privatizes the sale of wine and hard liquor in the state. Beer retailers will have the first opportunity to get licenses then grocery stores and big-box stores. This is the farthest that any privatization measure has moved since the end of Prohibition in 1933. The success of the bill in the Senate is uncertain. If this passes 10,000 will most likely lose their jobs.

Way To Know Your From Philly From – You can spell Schuylkill, Manayunk, and Conshohocken without hesitation. Your radio is always tuned to Power 99 FM. You know all about the Herr’s chips. You’ve ditched school or work to attend Wing Bowl. You’re given strange looks when you ask for “wooder ice.” You include Tastykakes as part of a well balanced breakfast. You never rooted for Kobe to succeed in the NBA. :-/

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