News: Aaliyah’s Music The Focus of Two Lawsuits

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According to TMZ the late singer, Aaliyahs’, music is the subject of two separate lawsuits. The first one is between Reservoir Media Management and Craze Productions. Reservoir is claiming that they bought the rights to Aaliyah’s 2001 self-titled album and that Craze was illegally selling the tracks on iTunes. Reservoir’s website also has tracks from Aaliyah available for download, and it provides a request option to license the material as well as tracks from Aaliyah’s other albums “One In A Million,” “I Care 4 U” and the soundtrack to “Romeo Must Die.”

The second suit is between producer Jeffrey Walker and Blackground Records (Aaliyah’s uncle’s label). Walker is claiming that Blackground did not pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars for work that he did on her 2000 and 2001 projects. Walker claims that check were written in his name and his signature was forged on the checks. The claims he ended up paying taxes for a check that he did not cash. He now owes the I.R.S. taxes on $262,580 worth of income from 2004-2011. He says the Hankersons cost him nearly $500,000 in total. Both cases are still pending.



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