#SayWhat News: Man Gets High Off Jesus – Celebrity Murder Plot – Women Munches On Penis – Post Office Protest – Consumers Will Pay More For Music -Winning Powerball Ticket

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Man “High On Jesus” Strips Naked In School – An Alabama man has been arrested for stripping and peeing outside of a high school! He came to the school trying to get a student out of class before he took off all of his clothes and started parading around outside of a classroom window. When questioned he claimed that Jesus was his inspiration and that he was “high on Jesus”. Authorities haven’t figured out exactly what he was high on but he has been charged with indecent exposure.

Study Says Consumers Would Pay $2.6 Billion More Annually On Music – A new Nielson stud has found that 40% of US consumers who are ‘fans’ of music are responsible for 75% of the money spent on music purchases. These fans are spending between $20 and $26 billion each year and and would be willing to spend $2.6 billion more if “compelling content is made commercially available”. This comes from the fact that fans want more engagement with their favorite musicians and would be willing to pay for that access.

A Diary Reveals A Crazy’s Celebrity Murder Plot – If has come to light that the two men who are currently on trial for planning to decapitate Joss Stone and throw her in a river were targeting other celebrities as well! The 32 and 35 year old were arrested back in 2011 for being near Stone’s house with a sword, knife and hammer. Authorities found a diary that belonged to the men and in it they mentioned Beyonce, Chris Brown, R. Kelly and Eminem! The men deny all of the charges against them.

Hundred Protest Outside Of Philly Post Office – The B Free Franklin Post Office was the site of a protest because of its plan to cut Saturday mail service. The new plan was announced last month in an attempt to save $2 billion a year.

Florida Woman Tries To Eat Man’s Penis And Testicles – There’s no shortage of craziness coming from Florida. A 29 year old woman has been charged with attempted murder after she chewed on a man penis and testicles so severely that he needed emergency surgery. The woman was allegedly an escort who met the victim online. They went on a date and back to a hotel room where the bizarre assault took place. Luckily for the man, nearby hotel guests called 911 after they heard screaming and growling coming from the room. Police say they found a sex toy that had been chewed through as well. It has not been confirmed whether the newly popular bath salts were a factor.

Mall Cop Who Tased Mom In Front Of Kids- Arrested & Fired – The mall cop who posted a video of himself taxing a mother in front of her kids has been arrested and charged with battery. His bragging about his deed has now left him locked up on $2000 bond.

Police Rescue New Jersey Boy Stuck In Mud – A 9 year old New Jersey boy was saved by police after getting stuck in mud that was up to his neck. He was reported missing by his parents Saturday afternoon before police dogs tracked his scent to a nearby creek. They heard him screaming and saw him sinking in the mud- the officers ran to pull him out before having to pull out one of their own from the swamp.

Lil Wayne Going On Tour – Just a few days after being released from the hospital he has revealed that he will be going on tour this summer. The America’s Most Wanted Tour will also feature TI and Future! Dates and locations will be announced later today.

Winning Powerball Ticket In New Jersey – Someone in New Jersey is very lucky because they have single-handedly won the $338.3 million drawing! More information about the winner will be released this morning at the headquarters in Lawrenceville. This is the fourth-largest jackpot in power ball history! The magic numbers were 17, 29, 31, 52, 53 and the Powerball number- 31. If the person chooses to get a lump sum payment they’ll get $221 million!

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