#SayWhat News: Man Spends 100K On Blow Up Doll – Maryland Decriminalizes Weed – Elmo Accused Having Meth Parties – St. Joe Emails GPA’s – Princeton NJ Banning Outdoor Smoking

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Man Spends 100K To Deflower A Virgin Doll – A Brazilian website put a virgin doll on auction and got crazy bids! The ad for the doll said, “She has green eyes, fleshy lips, full breasts and a body that is the envy of all women. Nobody in the world is so delicious and so appetizing as Valentina”. Looks like the ad worked because the winning bidder dropped more than $100K to take the dolls virginity. There must be something about a doll because the real-life Brazilian woman who put her virginity on the market only got bids up to $35K.

Maryland To Decriminalize Weed – The Maryland State Senate voted in favor of a bill that will mean lesser penalties for those caught in possession of small amounts of marijuana. Having up to 10 grams of weed will now be a civil offense with a max penalty of a $100 fine.The previous penalty could be up to $500 and 90 days locked up. The bill still has to pass the House but if it does become law it will join states like Colorado and Washington that are also rebooking at their marijuana laws.

St Joe’s Emails Out GPAs – Undergrads at St. Joe’s now know how they really stack up against the competition! The Haub School of Business accidentally sent out a mass email to close to 500 students with a spreadsheet of student grade point averages. An apology letter was emailed out yesterday and now a legal team is looking at the case.

Princeton Votes To Ban Outdoor Smoking – Princeton, NJ is taking a stand against second-hand smoke. The township has banned outdoor smoking on town property. People cannot smoke within 35 feet of public property, parks or pools. The policy will take effect next month. The new law is getting mixed reviews from citizens- some are happy about the change but some think it’s a violation of rights. Either way, violators will face a $250 fine.

Wilmington Man Arrested For 900 Bags of Heroin – After police received a search warrant for a mans home they found more than 900 bags of heroin in the house! Keith Brandon is a 42 year old and is facing drug and gun charges. No word on why the warrant was obtained in the first place.

Voice Of Elmo Having Meth Parties – The voice of beloved Sesame Street character Elmo has been in trouble recently- facing accusations of having sexual relations with minors. Now Kevin Clash is being accused of throwing a crystal meth party for a teenage boy back in 2004. Sheldon Stephens was the first man to accuse Clash of the sexual abuse and is now saying that crystal meth was involved. Clash continues to deny any and all of the allegations against him.

Corbett Highest Paid Governor In Nation – Pennsylvania currently has the highest paid governor in the nation! Gov. Tom Corbett’s current salary is $283,255. Corbett isn’t the only one cashing out in PA. The legislators are the second highest earning lawmakers in the country making close to $82,000 a year.

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