#SayWhat News: Meek Mill Writing Novel – Boy Killed By Billboard – Bomb Inside Squid – NJ Man Wins Powerball – Teenagers Charged With Murder – High School Makes Transgender Bathroom

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Boy Killed By Airport Billboard – The Bresset family was on their way back home to Kansas from a Florida airport when a a flight information billboard fell crushing the mother and three of her sons. 10 year old, Luke was killed under the 300 pound sign. His mother, 5 year old and 8 year old brothers suffered broken bones and concussions. The Birmingham, Alabama company responsible for the sign issued a statement saying, “This is a terrible tragedy that none of us fully understand, and we hope that the family who lost their loved one will find strength through prayer and the support of all of us.” Investigators are still trying to determine why the sign fell.

Bomb Found Inside Squid – A fisherman in China was shocked when he was cutting open a squid at his market and found a bomb inside! The squid apparently swallowed the 20cm bomb before being killed and taken to the store. Police immediately reported to the scene and removed the advice to detonate it safely. The add that it was live at the time and could have easily gone. They believe that it possibly originated from a fighter jet.

Ex Tennis Pro Had Child Slave – A former pro Tennis Pro Player  named Jean-Claude Toviave will serve more than 11 years in prison following yesterday sentencing. He brought the four children to Michigan from African in 2006, claiming them to be his biological children. He forced them to work as his slaves, beating and starving them if they did not follow directions.

New Jersey Man Wins Powerball – 44 year old Pedro Quezada is the lucky New Jersey man who single-handedly won the $338 million power ball jackpot! He has told reporters that his first priority is to help his family. Not surprisingly his wife was very happy when she was interview saying, “I still can’t believe it. We never expected it but thank God.” Neighbors of the family were happy for them calling them ‘hardworking’ and swing that they deserve it1

15 & 17 Year Old Charged In Georgia Baby Killing – In Georgia a 17 year old De’Marquise Edkins and a 15 year old boy are both being charged in a shooting that left a 13 month old baby dead and his mother wonder on Thursday afternoon. The baby’s mother was walking home when the teens confronted her and opened fire wounding her in the leg and shooting the baby in the face. The mother was able to pick the suspects out of a photo-line up but pubic defenders for the boys say they are ‘1000 percent, not guilty.’

Son Arrested For DUI Calls Mom Who Gets Arrested For DUI – A 27 year old Canadian man was arrested for driving under the influence when he called his mom to come pick him up from jail. When his 53 year old mom came to get him a couple of hours later officers in the jail could smell liquor on her breath and forced her to take a breathalyzer. She failed the breath test and was arrested for DUI too! The mother-son duo have had both of their cars taken away and their licenses are suspended for 90 days.

NJ’s Bonnie & Clyde High Off Drugs – The New Jersey couple that led Camden police on a wile chase throughout the city and into Philadelphia were high on drugs at the time of their escapades. 24 year old Blake Bills admitted that he and his 23 year old girlfriend were high off of heroin and cocaine at the time of the car thefts and officer assaults. They had allegedly been living on the streets and stole the police cars because they wanted to be “warm and mobile”.

Oregon High School Makes Transgender Bathroom – Grant High School in Northeast Portland has become on of the first to create unisex bathrooms for its transponders students. 6 of the schools bathrooms- 2 for staff and 4 for students- are now gender-neutral. One of the transgender students said, “you don’t even have to think about it and thats great!” The transformation cost $500 and was done to make the students feel “safe and comfortable”.

Meek Mill Writing A Novel – Meek Mill will be releasing his novel which will be called Tony Story on May 1. The book will follow the characters Tony and Ty and show how money, greed and loyalty, ruined the two who considered themselves brothers.

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