#SayWhat News: Reebok Answer IV Released – Sad States List – Report Says Baby Not Cured Of HIV – Another Carnival Poop Cruise

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Reebok Answer IV Released  – Today they will release two new pairs of the Reebok Answer IV in the retro PHILA color ways. The kicks are a mix of red, white and blue and were worn by the Philadelphia Sixers during Allen Iverson’s rookie year as well as the present day team. The go on sale at 8AM and will cost $125 a pair.

America’s Sadness Belt Revealed – A new map that outlines the well-being of states residents has an area called the ‘sadness belt’ that shows places with citizens who are the most depressed, obese and unhappy at work. West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennesse had the lowest scores with WV leading the pack as the saddest state in America. Thankfully Philly, Jersey and DE were not in the top ten but the map shows that on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the most sad, Philly and Delaware is a 3 and Jersey is a 4.


Report Claims Baby Cured Of HIV Never Had The Virus – Reports that a baby in Mississippi had been cured of the HIV virus may have been false! Last week researchers said that they had cured a baby of HIV through 18 months of extensive treatment after it was born to it’s HIV positive mother. It is now believed that the baby never had the virus and was rather exposed to it as it traveled down the birth canal. Whether the baby was cured of not the research will help scientists to develop treatments that will stop the passing of HIV from mothers to unborn babies.

Carnival Has Another Poop Cruise – Yet another Carnival cruise ship has left passengers in despair and disgusting conditions. People are reporting power outages and overflowing toilets on the Carnival Dream that is currently docked in St. Maarten. One passenger said, “There’s human waste all over the floor in some of the bathrooms and they’re overflowing — and in the state rooms. The elevators have not been working. They’ve been turning them on and off, on and off.” A spokesperson for Carnival said that the ship hasn’t lost complete power but that it is having problems with its generator.

Twinkies Back! – The company that bought Hostess plans to get Twinkies back into stores as soon as early summer. Hostess now has new investors that the paid 410 million dollars. They also cancelled the auction for Wonder, which is also a part of their brand. Your crème filled cakes, ding dong and hos hos ain’t going anywhere.

Rocky II Home For Sale In Philly – For only 140,000 you can owe Rocky and Adrian Balboa’s home from “Rocky II.” It located on South Lambert St in Philly. Online listings say it’s a 90 year old home and 3 bedrooms.

Bullets Fly Into South Philly Daycare – The daycare ‘Itz A Kids Thing’ in South Philly was the site of a shooting yesterday that ended in one man being hospitalized and bullets flying through the main glass windows of the childcare center. According to reports, three men wearing ski masks shot another man four times. Some of the stray bullets were the ones that caused the damage. Fortunately, no one inside the daycare was injured. The shooting victim is currently in the hospital in stable condition.

How Pa., N.J. Grad Schools Ranked In  ‘U.S. News’ List – A couple of Pennsylvania and New Jersey grad schools have been ranked very well on the US News & World Report! The University of Pennsylvania in West Philly had 8 programs with top 10 rankings! Twelve different Princeton graduate school programs were among the top 10 in their fields.

View the full list here to see where schools like other schools in PA and Jersey like Temple, Rutgers and Drexel fall in different categories.

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