#SayWhat News: Zimmerman’s Bro Is Stupid – Drug Dealer Sentenced To Write Essay – Powerball Winner Owes Child Support – Bacon Condoms – Dead Prostitute Rises – App Tracks Your Rants – 15 Pound Baby

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George Zimmerman’s Brother Says His Twitter Tirade Was ‘A Mistake’ – Earlier this week George Zimmermans brother Robert took to Twitter to speak on the recent shooting of the 13 month old baby in Georgia. He posted a picture of one of the suspects in the Georgia killing next to a picture of Trayvon Martin- who is brother shot and killed last year- both were holding up their middle fingers in the pictures. The caption was ‘a picture is worth a thousand words…any questions?’. He appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live to talk about the tweets saying, “I realize those were controversial and offensive, and I did publicly apologize for them. I don’t think it was the right thing to do that way. I understand it’s controversial and I apologize for it and I’m sincere about that. I shouldn’t have done it this way.” George Zimmerman’s attorneys called the tweets ‘insensitive’.

Convicted Drug Dealer Sentenced To Write 5000 Essay – Convicted drug dealer Terry Bennett has a few days to finish a 5000 word on the dangers of weed or he’s going to jail. He was caught with 2 pounds of weed and admitted that he was planning to sell it. He was originally sentenced to 240 hours of community service but a snowboarding injury prevented him from completing his time. He now has to write a 5000 word paper on the dangers of drugs and its effect on society- which is about 15 pages. He has until April 4 to get it done.

Powerball Winner Owes Child Support – The lucky NJ man who won $338 million in the power ball jackpot this week owes about $29000 in back child support. He decided to take a lump sum payment of about $152 million. He has more than enough money to take care of the support costs that date back to 2009.

Bacon Condoms Are Real – If you are looking to add some flavor to the bedroom- JD Foods has a solution for you. They have developed and introduced bacon condoms to “make your meat look like meat”. The rubbers come complete with smokey lube to enhance the taste. The new product is already sold out on line.

Prostitute Comes Back To Life – A prostitute in Zimbabwe was believed to be dead after a sexual encounter with a customer. Officials said that she collapsed and died during sex last week. When the authorities came to pick up her body and placed in a metal coffin she woke up screaming ‘You want to kill me!’.  The cops were understandingly spooked but after they calmed down the woman was escorted home.

App Tracks Your Job And Boss Rants On Twitter – A new app called FireMe! tracks twitter users who write inappropriate things about either their job or their boss on Twitter. The app posts the twitter handle and tweets. The rants are separated into the categories “Haters”, “Horrible Bosses”, “Sexual Intercourse” and “Potential Killers”. So think twice the next time you want to throw shade at your employer!

15 Pound Baby Born – A mom in England has given birth to a 15 pound 7 ounce baby. Doctors didn’t realize how big he was until his head started to come out and his shoulders got stuck- leaving him unable to breath for 5 minutes. The baby was originally given a 10% survival change but after 6 weeks in the hospital is doing much better. The biggest baby on record was born in 1878 and was 23 pounds 12 ounces.

Jersey Shore Opening This Weekend – Many areas of the Jersey Shore that were not affected by the Sandy Supertsorm are opening this weekend. Boardwalk rebuilding is under way in Belmar, Seaside Heights, and other areas primarily to the north of Atlantic City, but Sandy didn’t hurt Atlantic City. The Wildwood area and Ocean City are also good to go.

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