Weekend Watchers (3/11): Top 10 Movies And JT’s Kanye Sublim

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  1. Oz the Great and Powerful, $80.3 million (the 3-D prequel to the classic story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)
  2. Jack the Giant Slayer, $10 million (Last weekend’s top movie, Jack the Giant Slayer, fell to second place)
  3. Identity Thief, $6.3 million
  4. Dead Man Down, $5.3 million
  5. Snitch, $5.1 million
  6. 21 & Over, $5 million
  7. Safe Haven, $3.8 million
  8. Silver Linings Playbook, $3.7 million
  9. Escape from Planet Earth, $3.2 million
  10. The Last Exorcism Part II, $3.1 million

JT switched up the wording in the second verse a bit to address Kanye’s comments about not liking his “Suit And Tie” song.

“Aww, my hit so sick, got rappers acting dramatic. That’s alright. It’s all mine.”

The subliminal shade is real.  And then Jay-Z comes out and does his rap, which adds salt to the wound.

On The Walking Dead – The good guy Rick and the bad guy The Governor sat down to talk about if they were going to war against each other.  Rick has to make a choice on weather he should give up someone in his crew, a girl called Mishon, to the Governor because he basically wants to kill her for killing his zombie daughter and taking out his eye. The Governor says only then will they have peace, which is a lie because he plans on killing all of them. All this doesn’t make sense being that there’s a zombie Apocalypse happening on the show. People should not be fighting people. They should be united to fight the zombies together.

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