LMAO: Crowd Goes Crazy At Monday Night Raw

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So i was at Monday Night Raw this past Monday (4/8) at the IZOD Center in New Jersey. I’m not a wrestling fan (i thought i was at Wrestlemania at first until a tweeter checked me.. lol), so i didn’t realize the crowd reaction to the wrestling on the night AFTER Wrestlemania was not a usual thing. I left the IZOD thinking that i had a lot of fun despite the fact i didn’t know the storyline and the drama related to the wrestling.  Come to find out the crowd reaction i experienced was NOT costumary to all Monday Night Raw games and the crowd i sat in the stands with were just on 1 that night.  I left the IZOD chanting “Feed Me More” and “Cotton Candy” and “Preztel Man.”  The wave was the best part. Looks like i ended up going to one of the best Monday Night Raws. Check out the video below. -Mina



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