News: Destiny’s Child Reuniting- Sort Of

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If you’ve heard about the new track with Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce you may have gotten your hopes up and thought that the trio was finally reuniting especially after Nuclear was released earlier this year.. Unfortunately Kelly Rowland revealed to that the new track is her own and features Beyonce and Michelle. We’ve already gotten a taste of what Talk A Good Game will sound like with her newest single Kisses Down Low. Of her new album she said

I think I recorded around 70-something songs for this album. I had to narrow it down to 12 – you know hard that is? Especially when you’re in love, like your heart pumps for 35 of them… You just get so passionate and excited about these songs, you lived with them, you birthed them along with the producers… You become so attached.

The album is expected to drop June 4!



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