News: The Reason Why Beyonce Hasn’t Released New Music

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Reports say that the reason Beyonce hasn’t released a lead single to her upcoming album is because she wants to make sure it’s a hit record. A source said,

“Beyonce is a perfectionist and her biggest competition is herself. She won’t put anything out as her first single until she’s 100% sure it will be a classic. She’s putting pressure on herself for it to be a hit of Single Ladies caliber, and to make sure she’s on top of the game. The first single was supposed to be Grown Woman but that got cancelled and used as a teaser for her new Pepsi ad.”

I have heard the “Grown Woman” record in it’s entirely and Beyonce was wise to pull it back. It’s a good song, but there is a better song for her first official single.  I believe the other song i heard that’s a certified smash (I’m my opinion)is a record called “Under The Sun.” We’ll see if that ends up being the single she releases. – Mina



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