#SayWhat News: Boston Bombing Suspect Dead – CVS Worker Uses Racial Slur – Twitter Launches Music App – Tweet Senators Who Said No To Gun Control – Jay Z Covers Time

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saywhat newsBoston Marathon Bombing Suspect Pictures Released – The FBI has identified who they believe to be two suspects in Monday’s Boston marathon bombing. Yesterday they released the video of surveillance cameras and close up pictures of the men. The men appeared to be in their twenties and were wearing baseball caps and jackets. They are reaching out to the media and the public for help to bring the men in. Both men were seen walking single file down Boylston St (where the bombs exploded) before one of the men dropped his backpack. This morning one Boston bombing suspect was shoot dead. Now another is on the run. They say the guys are brothers and they were from Russia. If you saw the pictures, it’s the one with the black hat that is dead. Police pursued two men early today who shot a police officer to death, stole a vehicle and threw explosives at law officers pursuing them. The man in the white cap is still being looked for. Check out video of the alleged shooting.

CVS Worker Uses Racial Slur On Receipt – A worker from a NJ CVS is having a discrimination suit filed against them for using a racial slur against a customer. Hyun Lee says that she ordered photos from the store online and when she went to pick them up, her receipt said “Ching Chong Lee.” The woman, who is Korean, was highly offended and said, “It’s just horrifying and I don’t want anyone else to go through this.” The company says that the employee will be trained and counseled but she wants them fired. She is suing for $1 million for mental and emotional damages.

Twitter Launches #Music App – After being tested with artists and big people in music, Twitter’s #Music will now be available to the public at music.twitter.com and as an app for the iPhone through the App store. The application helps you find music that’s popular on Twitter and music from the artists that you follow.Reviews say that one of the best features in addition to the “popular” and “suggested” music pages is the fact that you don’t have to leave the app to listen to the music. Word is that an android app is in the works.

Twitter Handles Of The Senators Who Voted No On Gun Bill – The Senate has rejected a bill that would have required background checks prior to purchasing guns. President Obama said that “All in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington.” Click here for the full list of the rejectors Twitter handles and tell them how you feel!


Cops Bust Stripping Woman – Police in Columbia, SC had to arrest a 42 year old woman after she started to strip doing a news conference being held on the State House steps. The conference was dealing with a statewide littering initiative and Dixon stripped and dropped her purse as she walked towards the event. Watch out for the naked big gurrll!! She was charged with disorderly conduct and is being held until her bond hearing.

Another Philly School To Close – During its meeting yesterday, the Philadelphia School Reform Commission voted to close M.H. Stanton Elementary school in North Philly. This is added to the list of 23 other schools that will be closing despite large protests and backlash from the community. School officials say the closures are necessary considering they had to borrow $300 million this year. Critics of the changes say that they will change the communities for the worse, in an irreparable way.

Eyeball Shaving – 53 year old Lie Deyan of China cleans his eyes out everyday…with a knife. For the past 7 years he has been running an eye-cleaning stand where he pulls customers’ eyelids back, cleans the eye before shaving and scraping the surface. While it may seem crazy to us, apparently in China it is more of the norm. The whole procedure takes about 5 minutes.

Eyeball Shaving

Rutgers Reaches $475K With Mike Rice – Rutgers University has come to an agreement to pay Mike Rice, the coach who was fired for verbally and physically abusing his players, $475K. This is about half of what Rice would have made of the $1.1 million he was due for the last two years of his 5 year contract with the team. The decrease in payment is because his contract says that he could be fired “for cause” for bringing shame to the Rutgers name. Rutgers’ president Robert Barchi says that the university’s reputation was damaged by his actions and therefore Rice would not be receiving his full payout.

Jay-Z Covers Time Magazine – “The 100 Most Influential People In The World” Issue After becoming half of music’s first billion dollar couple, Jay Z has landed the cover of Time Magazine for the “100 Most Influential People In The World” issue. The article about jigga was written by NY’s own Mayor Michael Bloomberg who says that Jay Z “embodies the NY spirit” and proves “the American dream is alive and well.” Bloomberg covers Jay Z’s early life struggles, his music empire and even his relationship with Beyonce. Other people who made the list were Michelle Obama, Frank Ocean, Lebron James and Beyonce.

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