#SayWhat News: Women Protest Rick Ross – Ebert Dead – North Korea Threatens US – Poll Says Majority Support Weed – Rutgers Coach Resigns – Sisqo Releasing Album

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Women Rights Group Protests Rick Ross – Rick Ross’ rape lyric has gotten him into a lot of trouble lately. Between radio stations boycotting hip, social media outrage and now open protests by women’s groups- people are not taking this situation lightly. Representatives for Ultaviolet (a women’s right’s group) say that Reebok should no longer allow him to be a celebrity endorsement. They say that he is sending a dangerous message to the young men that reebok markets to and are now circulating a petition to try to get Reebok to end the deal.

Roger Ebert Dead At 70 – Pulitzer Prize-winner Roger Ebert could impact how well a movie did just by giving a thumbs up! He served as the film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times for 43 years and was responsible for the 2 thumbs movie rating system. Just two days ago he announced that he was going to be taking a break from critiquing in order to focus on his radiation treatment for his cancer that had reappeared. Unfortunately he passed yesterday.

North Korea Threatens US – North Korea’s military has threatened the United States with a nuclear attack! The General Staff of North Korea said that the “moment of explosion is approaching fast” and that war could break out “today or tomorrow”. The threats are coming as a result to the US’s increased military assets in North Korea. US officials are looking for ways to diffuse the situation but say that the “will do what is necessary” to protect us.

Poll Says Majority Support Legal Weed – A new poll has indicated that a majority of Americas support the legalization of marijuana. People no longer see weed as a ‘gateway’ drug to more dangerous drugs and they no longer see its use as immoral.

Rutgers Coach Martelli Resigns – Not long after Coach Mike Rice was fired from Rutgers for abusing basketball players, assistant coach Jimmy Martelli announced his resignation. He said, “I am sickened that as an assistant coach, I contributed in any way to an unacceptable culture. Wednesday, I resigned from Rutgers and I hope that coaches on all levels will learn something important from these events…For my actions, I am deeply sorry and I apologize to the players from the bottom of my heart”. He had been working with the team since 2010.

Dog Tied To Rock And Left To Drown – A black lab in Bucks County, PA was discoverd with a rock tied to her foot by a creek with a rising tide. When she was found she had puss coming out her eyes and large growths on her feet. She had a collar on but there’s no word as to the whereabouts of her owners. She’s now in the care of the Bucks County SPCA and there is a $2500 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

Sisqo Releasing A New Album – Sisqo has been busy working on the follow up to his album ‘Return of the Dragon’ from 2001. His new album is expected to hit stores this summer About the new album he said, “I’ve been working on the album for a minute but the timing just wasn’t right to come out. I’ve had the opportunity to release music several times. Last year was the year of the dragon. That would have been perfect but it still wasn’t the right time. There was too much going on for when we were trying to drop. In the music industry you have to catch the right quarter. It’s like double dutch”

Pregnant Woman Tased In Illinois – An 8 month pregnant woman was based after she reported a car accident to police. The 29 year old and her boyfriend got into a fender bender in a Best Buy parking lot and called officers to help with the situation. The victim and her boyfriend got into an argument with the driver of the other car and a scuffle started. The officer claims he was using necessary force by tasing the woman. The case is still being investigated. Watch the video below.

Fake Nurse Molested Boy – 24 year old Ashley Delvalle was arrested for posing as a nurse at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and then molesting a little boy. She was at the facility with her own child and decided to go into other patients’ rooms and conduct physical exams. Hospital security were notified that she had inappropriately touched a child and called police. She’s been charged with simple assault and indecent assault.

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