#SayWhat News: Ferrets Sold As Poodles – Macklemore Song Causes Assault – 4 Year Old Shoots 6 Year Old – Grandma Raised Ny Monkeys – Women Like Big …

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Ferrets Sold As Toy Poodles– Argentina bazaar salesmen are selling ferrets on steroids as “Toy Poodles.” A man who purchased the toy poodles for $150 took them to the vet to get their shots and realized that they were in fact giant ferrets known in Argentina as “Brazilian rats”. The man purchased the ferrets at the La Salada’s Market in Buenos Aires which is a popular market in Buenos Aires. A similar incident happened to a woman who thought she was purchasing a Chihuahua. The ferrets are apparently groomed at birth with the steroids to increase their size to make them pass off as small dogs.


Woman Chokes Out Boyfriend For Singing Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”– 23- year-old Samantha Malson chocked her boyfriend for singing Macklemore’s popular “Thrift Shop” song. Malson said that her boyfriend Lars Hansen’s was singing of the song nonstop annoying her and wouldn’t stop even when she asked him to stop singing it 25 times. When he wouldn’t stop singing Malson took matters into her own hands choking Hansen. The two had been out celebrating Hansen’s 26th birthday where drinking was involved before the incident took place at their apartment. The two had allegedly been arguing for most of the night because Hansen accused Malson of drinking all of the alcohol. Malson who’d went out for a walk returned where Hansen was sitting on the couch singing the song nonstop. Malson who’s a nurse was arrested and charged with harassment and domestic violence but is currently free on bond but will appear in court for a warrant she has out from a previous assault charge.

6-Year-Old Dies After Shoot By 4-Year-Old– A NJ 4-year-old boy dies after a 4-year-old picks up his father’s .22 caliber gun and shoots the 6-year-old in the head. The shooting took place in Toms River, NJ on Monday night. According to Tom’s River Police Chief Michael Mastronardy the 4-year-old’s parents was outside with neighbors when the 4-year-old walked into his house getting the gun and shooting the 6-year-old who’s identified as Brandon Holt. Daniel Watkins uncle to Brandon said the two children were friends and were always playing together but unfortunately on Tuesday night around 5 pm Brandon was pronounced dead after being in critical condition the night before. The Atlantic County prosecutor’s office is leading the investigation and will determine the charges if any for the 4-year-old.

Grandma Was Raised By Monkeys – A 60- something year old grandma is claiming to have been raised by monkeys. The grandma is claiming she spent five years in the jungles of Colombia as a child being raised by Capuchin Monkeys. She was kidnapped when she was 4 years old to be sold into prostitution and got away. She shares what it was like in her new book “The Girl With No Name” and she climbed up a tree and started shaking the branches in an interview to prove.

Former Vice Mayor Allegedly Masturbates Out Car Window – Former Vice Mayor William Blakely of Mount Carmel Tennessee was arrested back in February for fondling himself out of his car window while speeding down the highway. According to a female driver she says she was driving next to Blakely as he sped up going 90mph with his penis out the window trying to convince her to lift up her shirt. Blakely is currently facing charges of indecent exposure, reckless endangerment, and attempt to commit aggravated assault.

Made In America Announced– Jay-z’s Made in America tour is returning to Philly. The tour will be held at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway again this year from August 31st through September 1st. The line up will be revealed today but it’s sponsored by Budweiser and proceeds from the show will be donated to United Way and several local Philly charities in the area. Line Up to be revealed on Spotify 4/10 here –> http://open.spotify.com/user/madeinamericafestival/playlist/3ytGV5LXT9YO6foaRfnRPu.

Man Hospitalized With Eel In Butt – A man from China’s southeastern Guangdong province admitted himself to a local hospital after he got a live eel stuck in his butt. According to reports, the man inserted the 20-inch-long eel into his butt after seeing it done in a porno, and had to go through all-night surgery to have it removed. The eel reportedly chewed through the man’s colon perforating his large intestine, and got stuck
in his body cavity. Medical members said the eel was simply trying to find its way out and was alive when it was removed but died shortly after. According to The Sun, the man is still recovering in the hospital and could face animal cruelty charges.

Study Says Women Find Men With Big Penis Attractive – Researchers in Australia find that women like big a penis. Dr. Bob Wong of the School of Biological Sciences at Monash University in Australia and his colleagues projected life-size 3D computer-generated male bodies to 105 female participants. The images differed in height, body type, and penis size and the women were asked to assess the figures sexual attractiveness. The study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science found that penis size influenced how the females perceived attractiveness which was the more ample the more appealing. There’s still some debate on the situation stated Wong but what was also found in the study was that height was important also. And woman prefer and find attractive a taller man with a large penis than a short man with a large penis.

14 Arrested In Center City Teen Brawl -14 people possibly all teenagers were arrested Tuesday afternoon in Center City when police responded to an unruly crowd. At 3:50 pm police responded to a group of 100 to 200 young people running around 15th and Chestnut Street stated Chief Cynthia Dorsey. Apparently the crowd was running towards a girl fight that had broken out between two unidentified girls. But police don’t know whether the crowd was running to watch the fight or to be apart a series of spontaneous fights. The fight got so carried away that bottles were thrown and the Wendy’s on the corner of 15th and Chestnut a popular spot for teens closed because of the fight. Officers from different departments responded to the fight as well as Septa police, the Sheriff’s department, city police, and the school’s district police. The two girls along with another female and 11 males were arrested Dorsey believes. And at 4:45pm officers on bikes were still blocking off the sidewalks although most of the teens left.

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