#SayWhat News: KFC New Chicken – FBI Investgating Rutger’s – SNL Rutger’s Spoof – Dog Eats Like A Person – Bodies At Revel Resorts – Geaorgia’s Integrated Prom

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Bodies Found At Revel Resorts – 2 bodies were found in a Revel Resort hotel room by a housekeeping employee over the weekend. Police are investigating what happened to the 56 year old man and the 21 year old woman. An autopsy was performed last night but the identities of the victims have not been released.

Georgia Students First Racially Integrated Prom –Students in Wilcox County, Georiga have been used to going to separate proms and home coming dances. Black students and white students did not mix their events- that were organized by parents and students. One student, Qunesha Wallace, said that she and her friends decided to throw an integrated prom. They have sold about 50 tickets so far and have a goal of 100. Not everyone is in support of the integration but the school district stresses that the segregated events are parent/student- run. The organizers of the integrated prom are excited about it even if they don’t have full support from the town.

KFC To Offer New Chicken – KFC has announced that they will soon offer boneless pieces of chicken as alternatives to breasts, thighs and drumsticks in order to keep up with customer trends. A spokesman for KFC said they will introduce deep-fried, boneless pieces on April 14th so it will be easier for consumers to have fried chicken on the go. The spokesman said “Younger people don’t tend to be fans of bones – they’ve grown up with nuggets.” KFC said it took them two to three years to develop the boneless pieces. The boneless chicken will only be offered at the 4,500 locations in the U.S. for the time being.

New Jersey Prepares For Cicadas – After 17 years, the cicadas are ready to make another appearance and invade NJ. The bugs live underground and feed off of plant fluid and then come out when the soil’s temperature reaches 64 degrees. They’re harmless but annoying as hell.

 Rutgers Extortion Allegations Prompt FBI Investigation – The FBI is looking into whether a previous Rutgers basketball employee tried to extort the school before making the controversial videos of Mike Rice kicking and insulting players. The investigators are researching Eric Murdock and his December attempt to get $950,000 from the school for “employment issues.” A settlement was never made and the video became public last week. In addition to Rice’s practices being investigated at Rutgers they are also investigating the 3 years he spent at Robert Morris College. Athletic Director Tim Pernetti resigned On Friday.

SNL Remakes Rutger’s Basketball Abuse Video

84-Year-Old Bingo Player Wilds Out – Authorities in Marion County, Florida said an 84-year-old man pepper-sprayed a security guard at a bingo event. The 67-year-old security guard, Michael Burke, said he used crates to reserve two handicapped parking spaces for women who were coming to the game. However, the crates weren’t enough to stop Donald Handa from taking one of the spots. The guard said Handa moved the crates, parked his car then headed towards the entrance of the building where the bingo event was taking place. Burke allegedly tried to stop him to ask him to move his car, but Handa responded by using pepper spray on him. Handa told deputies that he had a previous run-in with the guard and felt threatened when Burke came after him. In the end, the guard decided not to press charges but Handa also reportedly agreed that in the future he’d “leave the parking spot vacant for the less fortunate.”

Dog Eats Like A Person

Judge Orders FDA To Make Plan B Pill Available To Females Of All Ages– The morning after pill will now be made available to women of all ages. A federal judge approved the Plan B pill to be sold over the counter and without age restrictions, instead of requiring a prescription for girls 16 and younger. Some are concerned about the girls who are 11 who may start to use the product. Other opponents see the pill as a form of abortion.

3 More PA Priests Removed – Archdiocese of Philadelphia has removed 3 more parish priests for sexual abuse and/or misconduct. They are said to be” unsuitable for ministry due to violations.” All of the priests have the option of appealing the removal to the Vatican. As it has in other cases, the archdiocese did not identify the violations or release details about the accusers or their claims. The decisions were announced over the weekend at parishes where the priests last served before they were put on leave – St. Richard for Rev. Joseph J. Gallagher; Our Lady of Charity Church in Brookhaven for Rev. Mark Gaspar in Delaware County; and Epiphany of Our Lord in Philadelphia for Richard Powers.

Zombie Run Kicks Off – Yesterday in South Philly, the National Zombie Run went down! It was a 5k race where contestants had to get through mobs of fake zombies that are trying to eat their brains. This kicked off a 16 city tour in the U.S. Watch some of it HERE.

Trayvon Martin’s Family Settles Wrongful Death Suit – The family of Trayvon Martin — the teen that was killed by George Zimmerman last year, has reached a settlement with the housing subdivision in Sanford, FL where he was killed. The family has reportedly settled the suit for more than $1 million with the homeowners association. The family plans to file suit against Zimmerman as well. Zimmerman is still facing criminal charges, and the trial is set to begin in July.

Dad Arrested For Beating Daughters – Greg Horn got upset when he saw his daughters twerking on Facebook. He whipped them with a video cord. The Daytona man was indicted on charges of child endangering and corporal punishment.

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