#SayWhat News: Racists Attack Jamie Foxx – Updates On Boston Bombing – Grammy Crasher Charged – Mans Wants Sex For Mickey D – Pastor’s Hot Tub Bible Study

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Racists Attacking Jaime Foxx – Jaime Foxx’s shirt at the MTV awards this past weekend caused a stir. The shirt said “kNOw Justice” and had photos of Trayvon Martin and the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Foxx is trying to bring awareness to the unnecessary violence in the country and take a stand. Not everyone was as supportive. Racist critics made comments like “F*** that n***** with Trayvon Martin shirt on” and “Jaime Foxx arrives at the MTV awards wearing a shirt with a dead n****”. Comments like these and more were made via Twitter. smh

2013 MTV Movie Awards - Jamie Foxx

Woman Cited For Calling 911 For Divorce – A 42 year old woman in Girard, PA has been brought up on disorderly conduct charges for calling 911. This wasn’t a normal 911 call however because she was asking for a divorce police assistance to force her husband to leave their home. Investigators said that divorce is a civil issue and that her husband could not be forced to leave without a real crime being committed. She has been charged with misusing the Erie County 911 system.

Obama Says Bombings Are An Act Of Terrorism – During his press conference they day before yesterday, Obama said that little was known about who was responsible for the bombings in Boston that killed 3 and injured more than 170 others. Yesterday he spoke out again saying that the FBI is investigating the bombings as “an act of terrorism”. He went on to say that it’s not known whether the act was taken by a foreign or domestic group or an individual. Obama is urging Americans to stay alert and report suspicious activity. He said, “It will take time to follow every lead and determine what happened. But we will find out. We will find whoever harmed our citizens and we will bring them to justice. We also know this: the American people refuse to be terrorized.”

Mysterious Man On Building During Boston Marathon – A picture of an unidentified person on the rooftop of a building during the Boston Marathon bombings has been causing a lot of stir on Twitter the past couple of days. A college student took the photo after the bombings that show what appears to be a man walking around on the roof. The person has not been identified and there is no evidence that he/she is linked in any way to the bombings.

boston bombing man

5 Viral Stores About Boston Attacks That Aren’t True – There have been a lot of stories circulating via social media in the aftermath of the Boston bombing that just aren’t true.

1. There was a photo of a man cradling a woman and rumors started swirling that she was his girlfriend, he was planning to propose and she was killed. The reality of the situation was that the man was just comforting an injured woman at the finish line.

2. A young girl died at the finish line. A photo of a young girl at the finish line who was supposedly running for Sandy Hook victims was killed. The photo was from a different 5K race- unrelated to the Boston Marathon- which doesn’t allow runners that young.

3. Race organizers will donate for retweets. Rumors swirling that the Boston Marathon will donate $1 for each retweet is false.

4. Authorities shut down cell phone services. The Boston police did not shut down cell phone service to prevent other explosions, the wireless networks were overwhelmed with the volume of calls coming through.

5. Conspiracy theories. The source of the bombings is unknown, people claiming to know are making it up.

Family Guy Episode Predicted Boston Marathon Attack! Aired Last Month


Man Accused Of Trading McDonalds For Sex – A 52 year old New Mexico ma is accused of trying to trade McDonalds for sex with a prostitute. The woman told officers that she was going to have sex with him in exchange for a meal. The prostitute wasn’t arrested but the man was brought up on drug possession charges. Guess he was trying to give new meaning to the term ‘Happy Meal’.

Philly Hosting International Event – Philly has been chosen to host the 2013 International Beyond Sports Summit and Awards. The summit celebrates sports teams and players who use the power of sports to do good and make a difference in their community. The event is coming Sept 9th to 11th

Bombs Made From Pressure Cookers – The FBI’s lead investigator working the Boston Marathon bombings believes that they may have been made from pressure cookers. Officials have found pieces of dark nylon which they believe is from the backpacks that contained the bombs. The pressure cooker and backpack fragments have been sent to FBI labs to be further investigated. At this point there are no suspects or solid leads but investigators have received more than 2000 tips with photos and videos from the scene near the bomb centers.

backpack boston bombing

boston marathon bomb backpack

Facebook Reveals Man Married To Two Women – A man from Washington state has been charged with bigamy after his two wives were ‘suggested’ to friend request each other on Facebook. Alan O’Neill got married to a woman in 2001 and then moved out and changed his name before marrying another woman in 2009 without getting a divorce first.

Youth Pastor Has Hot Tub Bible Study – A pastor from Texas has been charged with having improper contact with a 16 year old girl. The 28 year old is accused of putting the girl’s hand in his swim trunks during a bible swim party last year. Police believe there may be other victims who haven’t yet come forward. The man’s brother is also being investigated.

Grammy Crasher Charged – Remember when J-Lo and her leg and Pitbull gave Adele her award at the Grammy’s and a random got on the stage and tried to talk into J-Lo’s mix before she told him to fall back? Turns out that the same guy that pranked Will Smith and kissed him in the mouth before getting slapped by Will. Well dude is facing 6 months in jail for his Grammy prank.

grammys-crasher-adeleWill Smith Smacks Man

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