#SayWhat News: White House Egg Rolls – Boss Grabs Crotch – Man Gets Shot By Tree – NJ Bans Tanning For Minors – You Tube And Google Play Jokes – Man Tats Dogs

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Easter Egg Roll Held At The White House President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted the 135th annual Easter Egg Roll yesterday (April 1st) on the South Lawn of the White House, welcoming 30,000 visitors who took part in activities including sports, cooking, storytelling and, of course, the egg roll itself.

Woman Sues 73 Year Old Boss Who Grabbed Her Crotch – 22 year old Amanda Gonzalez says that she wants to warn everyone in New York about the 73 year old man who sexually harassed her for five months going so far as to grab her crotch and say I can;t wait to eat it.” He also made comments about her body calling her “busty” “voluptuous” and saying she had a big butt. Gonzalez says that she asked for help- even from the mans business partner who told her not to worry because “his penis doesn’t work”. Gonzales now says that she fears everyday things like walking down the street out of fear that someone will grab her. The offender couldn’t be reached for comment.

Man Shoots Tree And Bullet Bounces Back – A man in Iowa was firing his gun at a tree outside of his home at 4:30 in the morning when one of the bullets bounced off of the tree, came back and struck him. The man is being treated at a local hospital.

YouTube & Google Play April Fools Jokes – People weren’t the only ones playing April Fool’s Jokes this years. Search engines like YouTube and Google had their fun too! Google announced a new search engine called GoogleNose that allowed users to smell scents through their computers or mobile devices. Google also fooled users by saying that it was pulling the plug on the eight year experiment that was Youtube.  You tube said they would delete all of their videos last night and put out the best video.

Doctor Killed Patients To Free Hospital Beds – A Brazillian doctor is believed to be responsible for 300 deaths after she killed patients in order to make more room in the hospital. She and her dream gave people muscle relaxation medication which cut off their oxygen supply and caused them to suffocate. After officials started investigating they caught her in the middle of a conversation saying, “I want to clear the intensive care unit. Its making me itch.” She was initially charged with 7 counts of first degree murder but there are hundreds of cases pending.

North Korea said yesterday that it will restart a nuclear reactor that was shut down in 2007. Oh ish! Obama better handle that!

Man, Tattoos Dogs And Sparks Outrage – A man in North Carolina is under a lot of scrutiny after her revealed the fact that he tattooed his dogs. Ernesto Rodriguez tattooed his two pit bulls’ stomachs and then posted the pictures on FB. The social world wasn’t very happy- Rodriguez received all types of negative comments about the treatment of the dogs. He claims that the dogs were under anesthetics and that they didn’t feel anything.

Magic Johnson’s Son Comes Out – Earvin Johnson III aka EJ is one of Magic’s 3 kids.  The Lakers legend tells TMZ, “Cookie and I love EJ and support him in every way. “We’re very proud of him.” EJ was seen walking down the street in a mini coat, purse, pearls holding another mans hand.

Macy’s Accidently Marks Down $1,500 Necklace – Last month, Macy’s mailed a catalog to customers around the country that accidentally advertised a 14-karat gold necklace marked down from $1,500 to just $47 — instead of the $479. The necklace was listed as a “SUPER BUY” which some customers were able to take advantage of, but Macy’s soon discovered that a mistake had been made and put up signage.

Christie Bans Tanning Beds For MinorsNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed legislation that will now ban anyone who is under 17 years old from using a tanning bed and anyone under 14 years old from getting a spray tan. These new laws are all a result of the case last year where the NJ woman took her 5 year old daughter to the tanning salon. Christie says that the “documented and well-understood risks associated with the misuse of indoor tanning system” are the main reasons for the changes.

Nations Oldest Woman, PA Native, Dies – The oldest living person in the US- 113 years old- died just shy of her 114th birthday. Elsie Thompson who lives in PA became the nations oldest living person back in January. Thompson said that the secret to her long like was that she loved people and greeted each new day with a smile. Her family and friends remember her as a happy person with a very positive attitude.

PA Senator Comes Out In Favor Of Gay Marriage
– Democratic PA Senator Bob Casey has announced that he is now a supporter of gay marriage. He has changed his views after looking over legal, public policy and civil rights questions as well as pleas from PA families. Back in November when he was reelected to a second term he said that he was in support of same-sex civil unions but not marriage- until now. In the past he has also voted to allow gays and lesbians serve openly in the military.

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