News: Kanye’s Alternative Album Covers

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Kanye West’s very controversial album “Yeezus” will allegedly be dropping on June 18th. There has been a lot of speculation on what the title was, previously thought to be titled “I Am God,” that song are going to be on the album and the features that will appear.  The below picture was thought to be the album cover artwork.



Then the below image appeared




And then thee most controversial one surfaced


Kanye On Cross

The word on if the Kanye crucified cover is fan made or an actual option for the cover. Noticed there is no Yeezy orange post it note on the side of the religious offensive one, so that may not be something Yeezus made.  Seems like Yeezus Yeezy has lots of options to pick from. Guess we won’t find out which one it is until June 18th, since there is no pre-orders.

In other related news, Khloe Kardashian says she loves Kanye’s album. She told MTV News,

“I have heard some of his new music. I do love ‘New Slaves.’ I’ve heard one or two other songs. I don’t know the name ’cause his album isn’t complete, so I don’t know if they’ve made it onto the album. But I love Kanye as an artist; I always have. I think he’s so talented and he is in every sense an artist. He’s so creative. I think he’s great.”

Are you going to go pick this album up?



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