News: Nas’ Lawyer Wants Lawsuit Dropped

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Remember the $10 million lawsuit against my boo Nas over the kidnapping of a concert promoter in Africa. As we previously reported, a NJ promoter and his father were detained in Angola after Nas failed to show up to a concert series. The man sued Nas claiming that he and his father were detained, beaten and suffered a huge financial loss, which resulted in the foreclosure of his home.

According to, Nas’ attorney has filed a motion to have the suit dropped, claiming that Nas wasn’t at fault for missing the concerts. The lawyer said the promoter failed to pay Nas the $300,000 check for the shows before the date they agreed on and didn’t provide proper travel arrangements for the rapper. Nas’ lawyer also claimed that the promoter signed an agreement that stated that he wouldn’t sue Nas for the concert if the $300,000 check didn’t come through.



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