#SayWhat News: 3 New Suspects In Boston Bombing – Plan B Appealed Again – Man Has 132 Pound Balls – Masturbate-A-Thon – Implants Affect Bancer Cancer

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saywhat news3 New Suspects In Custody For Boston Bombings – Three friends of the Boston bombing suspect who are currently in custody have been arrested for interfering with the investigation. The three friends are 19 year old college kids and are being accused of trying to cover up for 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev by discarding a backpack of explosives that was in his room and by making false statements to investigators. According to the FBI, just a few hours after the surveillance camera photos of Tsarnaev and his brother were released, his friends suspected he was one of the bombers and removed the backpack as well as a laptop from his room. Before Tsarnaev’s roommate let them into the room, Kadyrbayev got a text from Tsarnaev that said, “I’m about to leave if you need something in my room take it.” They are being officially charged with conspiring to obstruct justice and face 8 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


Man Stabs Friend During Threesome For Not Changing Positions – A threesome turned violent when 37 year old Orlando Dewitt asked 33 year old Ashley Hunter to change positions. The two men met in jail and were at a party in North Dakota when they decided to have a threesome with a woman identified as Leticia. Leticia was performing oral sex on Hunter when Dewitt asked him to switch positions. Hunter refused and this led to first a verbal and then physical argument. Hunter grabbed a knife from up under a couch cushion and managed to stab Dewitt in the arm. He appeared in court on March 13th.

Philly311 App Seems To Be A Success – 8 months after its launch the app Philly311 has been downloaded over 15K times and has been used to send more than 12K times! Users of the app take pictures of City Hall maintenance issues like graffiti, abandoned property and trash on the streets and someone is sent out to handle the request. Local merchants have said that the app allows them to focus more on their businesses instead of having to worry about cleaning up graffiti and the like. The app is described as allowing residents to be “the eyes and ears of the city”.
Justice Department Appeals Morning-After Case – The Justice Department has appealed a judge’s decision that made Plan B available to women 15 years and older over the counter. The administration argues that this type of contraceptive should not be available to women who are so young. The Obama administration has made it clear that it’s only willing to budge but so much when it comes to access to emergency contraception. Women’s rights groups are upset about the decision citing a violation of reproductive rights.
Man Gets Ball Surgery To Remove 132 Pound Scrotum – Las Vegas man Wesley Warren Jr. suffers from scrotal elephantiasis has finally gotten surgery to remove his 132 pound scrotum. Warren was originally trying to raise $1 million for the procedure when Dr. Oz agreed to foot the bill. Warren then changed his mind and said he wanted to keep his famous testicle. But at 500 pounds, his quality of life was quickly deteriorating so he decided to go through with the 13 hour surgery. The doctor who operated on Warren says that he is a new man and his scrotum is slowly but surely recovering.


132 pound balls

Six Billion Hours-Plus Of You-Tube Video Watched Monthly – YouTube announced yesterday that people are now watching more than six billion hours of video each month on the video service, twice as much as one year ago. Between just May 2012 and August 2012, it grew from three billion hours a month to four billion. The announcement comes after YouTube said less than two months ago that the site gets views from more than one billion unique visitors a month.

Masturbate-A-Thon 2013 Begins in Philly – Philadelphia has decided to celebrate ‘National Masturbation Month’ by holding a Masturbate-A-Thon. The marathon began today and sponsors donate money for every hour participants masturbate. You can donate at Crowdrise.com and proceeds go to local sex education programs Screw Smart and Pleasure Rush. On May 30th people are invited out to the ‘Creamium’ which is a big gameshow and dance party where prizes for topics like ‘Most Creative Fantasy’ will be given away.


Breast Implants May Make Cancer Harder To Find – A recent study has found that women with breast implants who were diagnosed with breast cancer were diagnosed at later stages than women who were diagnosed and didn’t have implants. It isn’t believed that the implants themselves contribute to cancer but their presence makes it harder for doctors to examine the breast tissue. Studies are still being conducted but if it is definitively found that breast implants are impairing doctors’ vision than additional screening methods like ultrasound may be introduced into mammogram procedures.

42 Percent Don’t Know Obamacare Is The Law – A recent study has found that 42% of Americans don’t realize that Obamacare is LAW. 12% of respondents were under the impression that the bill had been repealed and another 7% thought the law had been overturned. The remaining 23% admitted that they didn’t know enough about the law either way. To counter the lack of awareness healthcare advocates plan to implement major marketing campaigns.


Baby Born In Subway Is Given Free Rides For Life – A baby born in a Mexico City subway station will be allowed to ride the trains free for life. The baby’s 22-year-old mother was trying to take the subway to the hospital on Tuesday (April 30) when she went into labor. Subway employees, police and paramedics helped her give birth on the subway platform. Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera announced on Twitter that the baby has earned the right to ride the subway free for life.


Pa. Woman Who Disappeared In 2002 Found – A central PA woman who went missing after dropping her kids off at school 11 years ago has been found in Florida living with homeless hitchhikers and sleeping under bridges. She told authorities that she went there on a whim and survived by scavenging food and panhandling. When she first went missing she was going through a divorce and was unsure of her future housing and plans when she made friends with the people she ended up traveling to Florida with. She was declared legally dead by the courts two years ago and her husband remarried. She turned herself into Florida police because of outstanding warrants and informed them that she was a missing person. She never checked to see if she was being looked for and said that she had just reached the end of her rope and was tired of running. Her son has graduated from college and her daughter is a sophomore at West Chester University.


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