#SayWhat News: Plan B Selling At Bodega – 1st Online Poker Site – Urine Hoader – Caffeine Thongs Help Celluite – Idiot Loses Savings To X Box

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saywhat newsMan Says He Lost Life Savings Being A Big As Kid – A New Hampshire man says that he played away his life savings at a carnival game in order to win an Xbox. The 30 year old ended up spending $2,600 while playing ‘Tubs of Fun at a Fiesta Shows’. He went back to the tent the next day to complain and was given $600 and a stuffed banana. The man has filed a police report claiming that the game was rigged.” Dummy!

First Legal Online Poker Site Starts Operating In Nevada – Yesterday, Nevada became the first state where residents can legally play poker online for money, when Station Casinos started operating UltimatePoker.com. The business is allowed after Nevada legalized online poker in February. New Jersey and Delaware have also legalized online gambling. UlimatePoker.com is set up to have players compete in nightly games with a prize pool of $1,000 and two $10,000 Sunday games. Players must be at least 21 years old and residents of Nevada. Gambling fiens get ready!

300 Gallons Of Urine Found In Man’s Connecticut House – Newtown, Connecticut police found a home filled with 300 gallon jugs of pee on Friday! Local health officials were asked to investigate the home and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection were called in. The house was condemned and the owner could face charges. Imma keep my jokes to myself.

Mother Forces 14-Year-Old Daughter To Get Pregnant Using Donor Sperm – A British judge has confirmed that there is a mother out there who was so desperate to have a child that she forced her teenage daughter to get pregnant using syringes and donor sperm. The woman already has three adopted children and was prevented from adopting a fourth which is why she developed her selfish scheme. The sperm was purchased over the Internet and put into the syringes for the self-impregnation.  The mother is currently serving a 5 year jail term for child cruelty. And I’m guessing she’s going to hell as well!
15 Year Old Can Buy Plan B At Drugstore – The FDA announced yesterday that it has approved an application to sell Plan B contraceptive over the counter to women who are 15 years and older. The FDA will require proof of age to be provided at the time of purchase and all packaging must have an age warning label. The Obama administration only has until May 5th to file an appeal to overturn the decision. Planned Parenthood reps said, “While we fully support this expansion of access to birth control, we continue to believe that the administration should lift all unnecessary restrictions to emergency contraception.” Of course they would say that. They want to sell more product. I am very against this because of the long term side effects Plan B has after being used multiple times. We cant expect 15 year olds to be responsible enough to use this as an emergency (which is for what its use is for) and parents should be involved in decisions like this. Smh, now girls can pick up their Plan B with their tropical cheese.
Caffeine-Infused Lingerie Can Cut Fat? A French lingerie designer claims he spent 10 years researching underwear that can refine the body using caffeine and a few other ingredients. Simone Perele’s new lingerie line, “Top Model,” is infused with caffeine, vitamin E, Retinol, ceramides, fatty acids and aloe vera. The designer said the line is “the first lace and Lycra beauty microfiber collection that sculpts and refines your body while gradually working towards reducing the appearance of cellulite.” According to previous studies, the effects of caffeine on cellulite are inconsistent.
Coach Quits After Hazing-by-Biting Exposed – A baseball coach in Jersey has resigned after a hazing incident left a student to be bitten by his other team mates. Four players were suspended from the team after the hazing ritual in which a freshman team member is held down and bitten by others. A new anti-hazing policy has now been implemented in the school district. The man will remain teaching and will continue to serve as the assistant coach for the football team.
PA Turnpike Closing This Weekend – An 11 mile section of the PA Turnpike’s Northeast strip will be shut down for close to 6 hours this Sunday while some repairs are done to the bridge. The section will close at 12:01am on Sunday and will stay closed until 6am. The toll highway will be closed from exit 20 to exit 31. Traffic will be detoured with route 309 as a possible alternative.
Family Of Man With Down Syndrome Sue For $18 Million For Meme – A Tennessee man with down syndrome’s photo has been used all across the internet for a series of derogatory memes. In an effort to get the memes out of circulation his family has filed an $18 million lawsuit. The family has filed a defamation suit which includes compensatory and punitive damages. Advocacy groups have started to campaign behind the family in an effort to end the widespread use of messages that are offensive.
12th Annual Free Comic Book Day This Weekend – May 4th marks Philadelphia’s 12th annual free comic book day. More than 2000 stores are participating and will be giving away free comic books like Spongebob, Superman and The Walking Dead. One of the store owners explained the day by saying, “Basically all the publishers get together with the comic stores around the country and they provide us with some new, low cost comics that we can then give away for free.” Because the demographic for comics is getting older and older stores will be trying to attract younger customers with comic book character meet-and-greets.
Man With Hepatitis C Rapes Boy In Broad Daylight – On April 26thin Bethlehem, 56 year old Doland Pembleton allegedly sexually assaulted a four year old in the backyard of a home in broad daylight. The responding officers witnessed the attack and quickly arrested Pembleton. After he was taken into custody he admitted to having Hepatitis C. Pembleton is believed to have been scouting the neighborhood for weeks looking for a young victim, he didn’t not know the little boy and does not have a previous criminal record. He is being charged with aggravated assault, indecent assault, endangering the welfare of a child and other offenses. He’s being held on $75K bail as police question other families to determine if there are more victims. If you know of anyone who has been a victim please contact the police.

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