#SayWhat News: WaWa Line Up Announced – Shooting At Moms Day Parade – Abercrombie Tells Fatties Kick Rocks – NFL Player Arrested 3 Times – Lion Meat Tacos

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Kid President’s Moms Day Message

WaWa Welcome America Lineup – Philadelphia is celebrating the fourth of July by putting on “The Largest Free Concert In America”.  The Wawa Welcome America! festival will include artists like:  The Roots, John Mayer, Jill Scott, Demi Lovato, Ne-Yo, Grace Potter, J. Cole, and Marsha Ambrosius and other surprise guests. Mayor Nutter said yesterday: The City of Philadelphia is proud to welcome an incredibly talented group of musicians to our city this Fourth of July,” said Mayor Nutter. “We believe that this year’s festival will go down in history as the best yet. We know that Philadelphia is the foremost place to celebrate our nation’s birthday. With this superb lineup of talent, we have an opportunity to prove it to the world.” This is the festival’s 20th year! More information will be revealed closer to the event date.

Shootings At Mother’s Day Parade – 19 people including two kids were injured yesterday during a Mother’s Day Parade in New Orleans. Investigators say that 3 people were seen running away from the scene of the shooting. The suspects are believed to be between the ages of 18 and 22. The victims we’re marching in the parade when bullets started to fly. Detectives are interviewing spectators and watching surveillance video. Luckily no one was killed in the shootings.

Woman Wanted For Stealing Lottery Tickets – A woman in Louisville Kentucky is wanted for steaming more than 1500 lottery tickets which unluckily only got her less than $200 in winnings. The woman was caught on tape running her car into the window of a convenience store before stealing the tickets. It is believed that she caused about $4000 worth of damage to the store. The suspect is a black woman between the ages of 20 and 25.

Abercrombie Says No To Fat People – Abercrombie CEO Mike Jeffries is accused of not wanting larger people to shop in his stores.  He wants the image of the store to remain with “thin and beautiful people” and “people who wear his clothing should feel they’re one of the cool kids”. During an interview back in 2006 he said, “That’s why we hire good-looking people in our stores. Because good-looking people attract other good-looking people, and we want to market to cool, good-looking people. We don’t market to anyone other than that”.  The store plans on not selling sizes over Large for women.

Former NFL Player Arrested 3 Times In 1 Week – Detriot Lions wide receiver Titus Young has been arrested 3 times, in the last week! He was charged with suspicion of burglary, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest… and that was all at one time. Last week he was arrested for DUI and then arrested again for trying to steal his car back from the towing company. This might be the end of his pro career.

Lion Tacos Making A Roar– A Florida taco spot that specializes in exotic cuisine is getting a lot of back fire after it started offering African lion meat tacos! The tacos will set you back $35! The restaurant has received death and bomb threats even though it is legal in the US to sell lion meat because they are a threatened species, not endangered. The restaurant owner has plans to face the threats, he said The fact that they’re trying to bully us now just eggs us on to keep carrying it. They want to restrict our freedom of choice. It’s still 100 percent legal. So maybe we keep serving it.”

Florida Bus Driver In Hot Water – A Florida bus driver was busted for allegedly forcing two teenaged female students to fight in her backyard while dozens of other students watched. One student videotaped the fight and police say the fight was between a 13-year old and a 16-year-old. The girls started arguing on the bus and the driver said they needed to just fight and get it over with. She drove 20 miles away to her house with all 34 kids on the bus and skipped all the bus stops. She made the girls fight in her backyard and when they got back on the bus they started to fight again. The bus driver said, “What happens on the bus stays on the bus.”

14 Year Old Smarter Than Einstein – When the boy was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism (Asperger’s Syndrome). Doctors told his parents that he would likely never talk or read and would probably be never be able to independently manage basic daily activities like tying his shoe laces. Today the boy is 14 and he is a Master’s student, on his way to earning a PhD in quantum physics. He has an IQ of 170 and they say he might win the Nobel Peace Prize one day. They are saying his IQ is higher than Einsteins


Texting Taking Teen Lives – New research has found that texting while driving now kills more teenagers in the U.S. than drunk driving. It’s now the Number One cause of teen deaths on the road. The study from the Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York found that more than 3,000 teens die and more than 300,000 are injured each year due to texting while behind the wheel. By comparison, 2,700 are killed and 282,000 injured as a result of drink driving. The research found that an estimated 49% of boys admitted to texting while driving, as did 45% of girls.

California 12-Year-Old Arrested For Stabbing 8-Year-Old Sister To Death – A 12-year-old California boy was arrested for the stabbing to death his 8-year-old sister. Police didn’t release any information about what led them to arrest the boy, who lived at the home with his father, stepmother and siblings. The brother originally lied and told police he was home at the time of the killing while his parents were at a Little League game, and he encountered an intruder after finding his sister’s body. He described the man as being tall with long gray hair.

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