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Facebook Responds To Protest Over Rape, Violence Content – Facebook has agreed to review its policy concerning offensive content after a two-week protest organized by several women’s advocacy groups over content on the social media site joking about and making light of rape and violence against women. The protest had targeted advertisers, asking them if they wanted their ads to appear on the site next to this type of content, and 13 companies eventually pulled their Facebook advertising, including Nissan UK and Nationwide Bank.

Bear In South Jersey – A bear has been wandering  around in Delran, NJ eating garbage and leaves. Department of Wildlife planned on leaving it alone and then Yogi got stuck in tree. They have tranquilized him to get him down. The bear probably climbed up there to get away from the paparazzi. Ill keep you updated.

bear in delran nj

Wildwood Will Vote On ‘Droopy Pants’ Boardwalk Ban – Wildwood is known for its beaches, boardwalk and visitors who sag their pants unappealingly low. The mayor of Wildwood frequently gets complaints about people wearing their pants lower than their waist line- usually from parents, moms and grand moms. According to a new ordinance, shoes must be worn at all times, shirts must be worn between 8PM and 5PM and pants/swim shorts/ skirts can not hang more than 3 inches below the individual’s waist. The mayor said, “We think that it’s more appropriate to have your pants up, and not have your butt hanging out…have fun, but have a little bit of decency for the people around you.” They still have to vote on this. Police would be enforcing the new ordinance if it is passed.


Guy Wanted For Taking Selfies – In Gloucester Township a man thought he lost his I phone and bought a new one. Then he found selfies of another man, his wife and daughter on his i cloud and figure out his phone was actually stolen. He tried email his phone with no response. Police are now looking for this man.


The Happiest Countries In The World Revealed – The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has released a list of the worlds happiest countries. The happiest countries were determined by several factor including: disposable income, employment, civic engagement and life expectancy. Australia took the number one spot followed by Sweden and Canada. The United States came in at number 6.


Girl Rides In Dog Cage In Back Of Truck – Parents of a 10 year old girl in Millvale, PA are facing charges after drivers saw their daughter riding in a dog cage in the back of their pick up truck. The vehicle was spotted on Monday evening just outside of Pittsburgh. The parents are facing ‘endangering the welfare of a child charges’ but claim that their daughter wanted to be with and play with the dog and that they were strapped in. The dog apparently started crying and the mother said, “I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. We weren’t going fast. We weren’t”. They said they would never hurt their daughter.


Smoking Alcohol Tops Butt Chugging – A new way to get buzzed includes- smoking alcohol. Dry ice is mixed with alcohol and then the vapors are inhaled. Doctors say that the practice is very dangerous because alcohol vapor goes to the blood and brain to quickly which could lead to faster alcohol poisoning.


Philly Family’s Fight Over Lung-Donor Rule Sparks National Debate – The family of a 10 year old cystic fibrosis patient at CHOP is getting national attention. The current rules that govern lung transplants say that children under the age of 12 should receive organs from other children but following this rule it would take longer for patients to get organs- who could possibly receive them from adults. The little girl has been on the list for 18 months. The family has started a petition at change.org to bring attention to the rule and it has gotten more than 72K signatures.


Craigslist Ad Offers Positive Pregnancy Tests – Looks like all the chicks out here trying to trick their men into believing their pregnant can pay for the results that would support their ratchetry. A women in Buffalo is taking advantage of this ‘niche market’ by selling positive pregnancy tests for $25. The post says: “Yes, you saw that right! I am selling positive pregnancy tests! Ever since I became pregnant, I have been asked numerous times for a positive test, so I decided to start charging for it! I will take the test the same day you want to pick it up! I dont care what you use it for, not my business! 😉 I am always near my phone, so just send an e-mail!”


High School Student Changed Teen’s Name To ‘Masturbate’ In Yearbook – 17 year Kaitlyn Booth of Columbia, MO has been arrested on suspicion first degree property damage, felony and harassment because of a high school prank. She allegedly changed the name of fellow student, Raigan Mastain to “masturbate” in the school’s year book. The action affected 720 yearbooks and reprinting them would cost $41K. The school changed her name in the online yearbook and spent 12 hours placing stickers over the vandalized name. The victim in this case said, “I was kind of annoyed. It was stupid, but i wasn’t that upset.” She was also surprised that her classmate was arrested.


N.J. Inmates Mistakenly Paid State Benefits, Audit Reveals – Prison inmates in NJ lucked out and were paid millions of dollars in state benefits on accident. A 22 month audit found that $23 million tax payer dollars went into state and county prisons in the form of unemployment checks, health care and retirement benefits- which inmates are not eligible for. The data is now being cross checked and the state’s anti-fraud systems are investigating. They hope to get back some of the money that was paid.

Tigerwoods Practicing In Merion – Despite the rain, Tiger Woods practiced for the upcoming US Open at Merion Golf Club. He said, “It was raining sideways and it was just an ugly day. We played it probably as long as it will ever be played.”

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