#SayWhatNews Riri’s Lipstick Gives Herpes – Mural That Honors The Roots – Colorado Legalizes Recreational Weed – Philly Schools Are Doomed

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saywhat newsPhilly School Reform Commission Approves ‘Doomsday’ Budget – The Philadelphia School system is in a dire situation and looking for any means to cut back on the budget. That’s why 23 schools that are closing in the city. To make matters worse, they approved a spending plan yesterday that will cut major funding form the arts, music, athletic and other school programs. The plan will also cut thousands of jobs of assistant principles, guidance counselors, secretaries, librarians and other employees. The superintendent of schools says that the plan falls drastically short of student needs and it is not the desired plan of action. The superintendent said that they hope the budget can be revised before the major cuts start to take effect. He said, “We fully anticipate having the opportunity to amend the budget when we have a better idea of the revenues coming from the city, the state and any other sources in the near future.” This is why Philly Major Nutter proposed a tax increase for cigarettes and alcohol. Well see how this plays out. This situation is very sad.

Paterno’s Family To Sue NCAA – Family members of late Penn State Coach Joe Pa are planning to file a lawsuit against the NCAA that would reverse the sanctions against the Penn State Lions as a result of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. The suit is 40 pages long. Investigators are saying that “The NCAA placed a premium on speed over accuracy and precipitous action over due process” in the case. The NCAA sanctions against the team included a four-year ban, scholarship reductions and a $60 million fine.

Colo. Gov. Signs First Bills In History To Legalize Recreational Weed For Adults – After the signing of a bill, Colorado is the world’s first place with a legal, regulated and taxed marijuana market- strictly for adults. Gov. John Hickenlooper said, “Recreational marijuana really is new territory.” A Marijuana Policy Project official for the state said, “This marks another major milestone in the process of making the much needed transition from a failed policy of marijuana prohibition to a more sensible system of regulation.” Adults, 21 and up, will be allowed to purchase up to one ounce of ganja for recreational use. Stores will have to place the weed behind a counter and treat it like a porno magazine. They believe that the changes will yield $60 million in revenue.

South Philly Mural Honors The Roots – A collaboration between Amber Art & Design is resulting in a huge mural of the Roots. The painting is on the rear of the World Communications Charter School Building. Images from The Roots live performances were the main inspiration for the mural. The painters said “The Roots are artists too, So they gave us concepts, then said just take it from there and do what you feel.” The mural measures 60×65 feet.


Rihanna Lipstick Blamed For Contracting Herpes – Rihanna’s RiRi Woo lipstick, carried by MAC, is being accused of causing Harlem woman, Starkeema Greenidge, to contract herpes. The 28 year old filed a suit against MAC saying that she visited a MAC store and apparently tried on the lipstick were she thinks she contracted the disease. She said the store “should have known…it was unsanitary and exposing patrons to possible spread of disease”. Perhaps she should have known you don’t use tester products- especially makeup. She says she’s dealing with mental anguish, emotional distress and lost wages.


Many Philly Police Surveillance Cameras Aren’t Working, Report Says – A recent report revealed that police surveillance cameras that have been installed around the city are not working. The 200+ cameras were supposed to help officers fight crime but it was found that only about 1/3 of the cameras are actually functioning properly. Mayor Nutter says that the report of “grossly inaccurate and offensive” and that 173 of the 203 cameras are actually working. Regardless, the city plans to implement a regular maintenance program to keep them in shape.

Papa John’s Worker’s Racist Voicemail Goes Viral – Two Florida Papa John’s employees were fired after a racist voicemail left by one of them went viral on the internet. The employee had accidentally called a customer who he had just delivered a pizza to and unknowingly left a derogatory message about the customer and his wife. The customer apparently tipped the man 21% and the employee was not pleased. He told his coworker “Thats the only requirement for being a ni**er in Sanford. Yeah, they gave me five bucks there. Fine, outstanding African American gentleman of the community.” He then went on for about 2 minutes singing different variations of “n***er”. Papa Johns CEO John Schnatter said, “Friends, I am extremely concerned to learn about the reprehensible language used by two former employees in one of our restaurants. Their thinking and actions defy both my personal and the company’s values, and everything for which this company stands. [The employees] responsible for this absolutely unacceptable behavior were immediately terminated.”

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